Hmmmmm, where to begin…

 I have found that I often begin posts with that sentence. Usually because life has been moving too fast to do more than post a few words to Facebook or Instagram and Twitter via Instagram.

The job in January lasted until May, at which time the company the group of us were hired for decided that they probably should have personnel who are trained in HR in those slots, and hey, you, my employers, will come to the site and train them for a WEEK! Lol, oh well, live and learn.

I met a gentleman a couple of days after I started in January, actually four days later.  We mostly see each other on weekends and it works for us.  Sometimes we just gotta see each other during the week.  We’re so much alike it’s kind of scary, both military vets and close in age, but he was Army where I was Air Force  😛

My daughter and family came back and will be staying 😀  Now both of my children and their families and myself are all in the same geographical area again.  I am a very happy camper most of the time.

The step-mother that I got the larger apartment for turned out to NOT be who she once was. She had become a serious Goodwill/Salvation Army hoarder.  Amazing how much STUFF you can get into the master suite of an apartment. I was perceived to be the evil step-daughter, I was informed 😦

To be fair, I am OCD a bit. I won’t have things brought into my home that have bugs in them or that are water damaged, no matter how pretty they use to be at one time 😛 No sarcasm at all and I cannot deal with every spare inch to be filled with unnecessary knick knacks, (STUFF)!  

When my daughter and family returned to the area it was agreed they would stay with us for a short time to save money for their own place.  My step mom started saying things to my own daughter about me until my daughter had to tell her not to say anything else about me to her.  My son-in-law had to say the same thing the next week.  When it became apparent we were a strong family unit, she befriended a younger woman in the complex and ended up moving in with her.  Of course, this left me hanging with a much higher rent and no job. 

I pretty much stopped communicating with her after she left unless she came over because I was so surprised and hurt.  I’m not rude, but I am no longer at her disposal.  I’m told her son came and got her with a u-haul trailer.  The last roommate is very relieved, but had to replace quite a few things as she took some of her things too. I think her memory has really deteriorated  since she also took all of my glass bakeware, and  she hardly bakes, mostly fries.  I, however, bake OFTEN. One of them was my Mother’s so it’s painful.

For the first time in my life, I had to apply for unemployment.  I have been interviewing and doing assignments for the staffing agency that employed me last fall, so we were getting by, but my pension isn’t enough and we are blessed with a management team that are finding a new tenant so I won’t be in breach of my contract 😀

I am hopeful and my daughter and husband are working, as is my son in his new career, both of my children’s, eldest children will be starting school for the first time very soon, and I am loved by my gentleman and we are an even stronger family. We were always blessed to be close, but I think we all appreciate each other even more after these experiences. None of us were unaffected by her behavior. 


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More Finishing up

The new year is also  bringing a new apartment.  It’s not far, just across the parking lot, and is a three bedroom. Which means that while I’m learning the new job I will be packing too!   Blessings abound!  I completed a gift for my daughter and one of her friends’ mother saw it and has commissioned me to make her daughter one too. Being able to earn more money is also a blessing.

I’ll be needing the extra space for my step-mom and also to still have an office, crafting room and the new one has a sun room which I am in dire need of for my plants since the complex doesn’t seem to have patios and its facing the right direction for hours of sun.  I did the reservation papers on Monday, I was so relieved.  Being a little on the OCD side, I need to have solid plans, not the iffy kind.  Now I can get to packing in earnest 😀

One the last day of 2013 and the first day of 2014 I made these;

EV purse 2 EV purse 3a EV wallet 4 EV wallet 5 EV wallet 6 EV wallet-Purse

While I was in Tn  in November, I saw the sugar skull material in the local Walmart.  My daughter is a serious collector of sugar skulls.  I was unable to make them before she left to go back to Florida.  So as soon as I’d finished my other commitments, knitting, I started on these.  I’d never made a wallet before and this one was so easy.  I am very pleased with the way both of them turned out.  My daughter was too, which is more important. The only thing the wallet is missing is a change purse….figurin……I did see a tutorial for a zipper compartment, gotta find it for the one I’ll make for me 😉

This is where I got the wallet pattern;

This is where I got the purse pattern;

Well since the morrow brings work, I’ll be finishing up my Veggie Chili, my creation, and a bit of house keeping, then making lunch for work.  I have to go over some notes to be properly prepared.

IMG_1675[1] IMG_1673[1]The chili with a dollop of sour cream makes the spice so nice 😉

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With the new job starting just after the new year I am in the process of getting a lot of home “stuff” back up to date so that I’m not playing catch-up after work begins again. I am usually very tired for the first week, because my brain is absorbing so much new information so I don’t want to have little messes everywhere that need straightening.

I am also in the process of “culling my herd” of possessions. My step-mom is going to be moving in just after the new year and we’re getting a three bedroom either then or when one comes available.  Technically, there are two available now, but we’re both military widows so we have to schedule that kind of thing when we’ll both have the funding available.  Due to the season, we may actually get the one we want, if not, then we’re probably going to go somewhere else with a fireplace 😀 It would be much more cost-effective to get one of these, it’s a great place and I like it, but I would dearly love having a fireplace, even if it is only gas 😛

So it’s laundry, a little deeper cleaning, and generally going through everything to decide if it’s going with or to the Goodwill.  After spending time with my Son and his boys yesterday, since all of the projects needed doing, I thought I’d hit the local grocery store, Ingles, because they maintain a small section where they put boxes for the public to take if they need them.  Talk about a blessing! The first one I stopped at, there was a young man “with a cart” :D, about to fill it up, so I suggested he just truck the cart out to my car, that I’d parked at the entrance.  Filled my car to bursting!  Happy Camper, is me!!  In recent years, I would just buy them from Wally Word so that I got boxes that I personally can pick up.  I can’t afford to pay anyone to move my stuff and to be honest, I’m a bit leery, since I’ve heard so many horror stories about possessions being stolen or so disrespected so bad they’re destroyed.

I had a brainstorm last night, late of course 😛  I have a shrug I’ve tried several times to do the finishing on and then it would be too small, but I refused to donate it or give up!

022    12-2013-Shrug a 12-2013-Shrug b

This is what it looked like originally, rather obvious that it wouldn’t fit, the other two are how it looks now :))))

Very happy camper! Looking at the original, I now realized I’ve been carrying it around since 2012, lol.

** The trim at the cuffs is from Nicky Epstein’s book, “Crocheting on The Edge”.

I have recently finished another set for sale, hopefully, it’ll be received as well as the last sets 😀

Dec 2013 Set 1525852_10200242701990552_1390769025_o

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The New Job I WANTED

If you know me or follow me, you know that I have been transitioning in recent years.  I have been working very hard to get qualified to be able to earn a permanent position.

I have recently had a couple of very nice, life affirming events, and one kind of bummer.  Bummer first, lol.  My Daughter and her  family followed me here about 1.5 months after I arrived.  It was a little tight for me, but probably quite a bit for them since they shared a bedroom, but with it’s own bathroom though. It was the first time in at least eight years that both of my children and their children were all in the same state. They have decided to go back to Florida and I am missing her very much even though I know they have to do what is  best for their family.  I am enjoying having my place back to myself, but, still missing her 😛

My Son graduated in the top 2% of his class and has been blessed with a new job that he loves.  It has greatly improved his overall outlook on life, and who can blame him, after all, less struggle, more togetherness, more happiness 😉

I have finally been offered a full time, long term position. Since I’m not actually working for the parent company, I’m not considered permanent, but it’s almost as good with great benefits.  I’ve not done this specific job before so I am slightly apprehensive, but excited to meet new challenges. I am one of those that will work very hard to measure up.  I also try very hard to be at or preferably, above the learning curve in most things.

The title is On-Site Program  Liaison. Which means, I use my company’s contract employee suppliers to fulfill any needs in the parent company and maintain any files relating to the contract employees, myself included presumably, since technically, I am one of them.  It’s pretty straight forward, but the trick is learning the system and how best to meet the demands on time!

I have also been doing all kinds of knitting projects between my temporary assignments, since arriving in Asheville. My last temporary assignment was with the Asheville Citizen Times.  I very much enjoyed that one and they did too 😀

I have recently gotten a few of my creations into a local shop to be sold.  This is very exciting for me because it was one of my initial goals before arriving here.

for sale in Home Crafts 212-2013_Set for Missy$75 First dog sweater 2013 Molly

The purple set are in the window at the shop down town, the red set, yes, it’s red, are sold already! The little puppy sweater for Miss Molly is my first one.  I looked at quite a few patterns on  Revelry and finally decided on an amalgamation of a few of them.

I also finished a few of projects I was working on;

  IMG_1042[1]  Thneed for Jude 2013 2

The finished sweater for Xander, a little shawl for around the house, and Jude’s Thneed!

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SNAFU Update

As it turns out, we, my son-in-law and I, spoke with my ex-brother-in-law about our difficulties and he suggested simply leaving the compressor in until we could cut the bolts off and getting a much shorter belt and checking to see if it could do the required job without rubbing anything else in the system the wrong way.

What a blessing, talk about answering prayers when you get off your duff and ask, lol.  The night before I sent a quick email to the pastor teaching a class I attend at the local church to see if anyone lived in my area. I was getting pretty depressed and wanted to go to church.  I got a call the next morning and a classmate came to get me.  She suggested I ask the prayer group to pray for an answer. I swear, just before the worship ended my son-in-law tried to call me, then texted.  He said to call asap, so I was worried and went out to return his call, that’s when he told me that my brother-in-law called.  When I got home, he said he’d been thinking about ways to get passed our problem, and he and my brother in law had come up with the same idea.

Any way, it actually worked! My car is back up and running although there is no A/C 😦

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The New Job

Well, I got the job.  It’s not what I went to school for, and am in debt up to my nickers for, but a girl’s gotta eat.  It’ll do for now and I can always use the exercise. Doing “Door to Floor” for JCPenney, means unpacking products from corporate, organizing and restocking the floor.  It keeps you quite busy throughout the whole shift and the time passes quickly. I’ve only worked twice, so I don’t really know, but it starts very early an finishes early most of the time.  I’m sure the upcoming holidays will be “fun”.

I don’t mind interacting with the public especially when you consider I’ve been an Administrative Assistant for years and do it well.  I just have to be patient and pray that the job I really want will call.  Who knows, maybe God has other plans.

In the mean time, I’ve finished the Palms Spring Shawl for myself in the Fern.



And I’ve bought the yarn for Tiylor’s Gramps child sweater, like the one I did for Xander.  Tiylor’s has to be in something other than natural fiber as he did NOT like Xander’s when I asked him to try the hat to see if it would fit a child’s head.  He said “This is itchy Noni!”  Well it saves money, but I wanted it to be warm 😛  Oh well 😉

I’ll be casting on shortly.



The colors are soooo much more rich in reality. I used natural light too, stuff happens 😛

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SNAFU – Situation Normal, All Fouled Up


The Dang Blasted 😛

Wouldn’t ya know it, I declare!

Oh well, stuff happens. Then you get up and do it again.

I was paid as expected, got the parts to replace the compressor pulley and the dang blasted thing is giving us the devil’s own time coming out.  Should have been R squared today.  I’ve got a bad feeling about these two mount bolts.  Tomorrow the son-in-law goes back to the parts store, after work,  and hopefully gets another tool to help us get them out. Can’t use a tap set in there where the dang thing is, it’s too close. We’ve been spraying the seeping lubricant.  The car was made in 1996, so they’ve probably been in there ever since.

It’s like when you fly a jet, the G’s you pull really set some of those B nuts in there, takes an act of God to loosen them sometimes. Same thing, over time vibration, push and pull…

Technically I have another job, gotta wait for the background to come back, no worries there.  Some time next week, so I really need the dang part outta there!

Sleep now…

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Perks of Unemployment


I am technically unemployed, even though I didn’t quit.  Because the compressor blew on Saturday I can’t replace/or reroute until I have the money to, being this Thursday, I was considered no longer employed because I would have missed too many days.

I was actually bummed, even though I didn’t want to do customer service for a really great bank in a call center.  I was more than happy to give it a good try especially considering the benefits.

Thankfully, my phone is ringing again 😀  Interview on Thursday, my daughter will let me use hers.

In the meantime I am once again making progress on the Feather and Fan scarf after having finished the sweater for sweet Xander . The only thing missing from it are the buttons.  After going through my extensive stash of buttons, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will have to buy some.  I want to get the ones that look like the leather ones you’d see on a “nice” sweater.  I guess, technically, it is a nice sweater since it’s a very nice wool/Angora mix.

Gramps Sweater

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Stuff happens!

I declare! I think it’s a test to see if I can handle frustration gracefully.

Oh Allah, I will do my best to get right back on the bicycle and start over.

I have completed the first week of training, feeling pretty comfy with what is expected of me.  While driving back and forth my car had begun to make a strange noise.  I was thinking, yep, going to loose the AC, thankfully, here it’s not an absolute necessity as it is in Florida and we are experiencing a very pleasant August.

I was thankful to have made it through the week and hoped I could do something about it after I got paid on the coming Thursday.  My daughter and I with grandchild in tow, went out to do a little running around, got into the car, turned it on and it made a terrible sound of screaming belts for about 5 seconds before I turned it right back off.  Then there was smoke (insert big eyes here). Put my “auto stuff gloves” on and opened the hood, the smoke had already begun to dissipate.  The belt turned out to be broken, not a big deal.  I had been expecting the AC compressor to seize and it finally did.

I wasn’t too worried about it having had a similar experience once before. My son-in-law came home from work and they went to the parts store and groceries.  Turns out I’ll need $70 to fix it, which is not a problem, we just pull it out and reroute the belts.  Problem is that I won’t have the money before Thurs so I’m out of work again 😛

The training is something that you really can’t miss or you’ll be lost.  Hopefully they will let me get into the next training course or  maybe I’ll get a job doing what I’m already in debt for having learned in college 😛

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First day of training tomorrow

I am kind of excited. My first permanent job in years.

I was doing temporary/staffing positions to keep my skills up and occasional training while raising children and being a significant other.

Since the children are married with children, and he and I have separated peacefully, I have been re-acquiring and fine tuning the skills I have for the past three years.

Six weeks of training to go 😀

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