An old chair

I’ve just gotten this old chair. As you can see I’ve taken the cushions from it already. I’ll have to cut wood to size and then recover them. The back support it going to present some challenges. Since both sides are visible I’ll have to cover the front and back in two pieces and then use a decorative trim around the edges to cover were they have been attached. It will be fun to see how it turns out.
I’m going to take my husband’s grinder with a wire brush attachment to remove the old paint and then reapply a white enamel spray paint.
I was overjoyed to see this chair in his truck bed after doing a job for a customer. It was scheduled to go to a friend who does junk metal, but one look at it and it said to me, ” I’ll fit under that vanity you’ve been using as a desk in the bedroom” and winked at me. Well, that was it!
Now I’m daydreaming about what material will go best with the room it will be in.


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