Entry Table

This table came to me from the afore mentioned junk man. He and his wife are retirees. Being that he has lived in our rural (dirt roads) area since the “beginning” I refere to him as the President of the Old Boy Network. The area is about a 25 mile radius. Of course, he has contacts in all of the surrounding large cities.

As I was saying before I went off on a tangent about the honorable Mr. Art, this table was in a home behind were he lives. The house burned down one afternoon, no one was home at the time, thankfully. So this table was originally an off-white (again) and all of the paint was fire damaged. I was really pinning after it so one afternoon my husband says that Mr. Art would like me to come down to see him. He didn’t know at the time what it was all about.

Well I took that table home and went through the same steps as with the entertainment center and “wha la”, it is now in MY entryway and what a nice thing to have. I really needed one so this was a nice fix, don’t ya think? πŸ˜€

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