Trip To Alabama – Sept. 5,6 & 7of 08

I started knitting this one just before leaving for AL and didn’t like it so I started the next one Thursday this week and like the look of it much more.

These were both done in Red Heart, Blueberry Pie yarn. The knitted one also has Red Heart, Navy blue and it’s double strands, using US 10 circulars, but it wasn’t what I was trying to achieve so I used the Blueberry with a US “G” hook and got what I wanted.

I’m trying to make a prayer rug. After I get the crocheted one more rectangular, I’ll start doing shells around it to enlarge it over all. I’m not sure yet, maybe shells. I’ve re-found a crochet stitch book of my Mother’s and may try something different.

I’ve crocheted since childhood and sometimes feel that it’s old hat, but then when I can’t achieve what I want with knitting needles I fall back on the much easier to manipulate crochet hook. It probably feels easier to manipulate than needles because I’ve only had a couple of years doing the knitting. I taught myself from books and CD beginning in 2006 and seem to learn something new every day.

I plan on finishing the knit one and just making a small layette or lap cover. I hate it when I start something and then don’t finish it.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised how soft the “yarn” is considering it’s that darn acrylic stuff, but this one really is. After you’ve used natural materials you become a bit of a snob. The way it feels when it moves through your fingers will really win you over and you become much more sensitive to different kinds of textiles.

As I progress I’ll update the photos.


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