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I have been blessed with a new “job”. I’m sewing Teachers/Staff Shirts for a local Islamic school and I’m very much enjoying it.

One again, God has “opened a window” and also taught me a lesson that I should have remembered. I didn’t have the funds to go run out and buy a new pattern without any previous cutting so after praying and REALLY thinking about it I just made my own and , Al’Hamdulilla, they came out great! 😀

I forget to have confidence in my own “God given” abilities sometimes and then he reminds me to “just get on with it girl! “

So, Insh’Allah, I will be posting more of these. I’m very happy doing this. I won’t get rich, but it is fulfilling and useful too. It also allows me to afford grand baby gifts 😀

Until later…


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That Chair I’ve been trying to finish

It came out really nice, It just took me for ever to get a good hot day AND the time to paint it.
I’d had the covering ready for quite a while.
I just wanted to update my “Crafts” section

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Just a couple Wedding Pics

The Beautiful Bride and Groom
Of course I’m quite biased, but that’s a Mom’s job 🙂
I was so busy taking pictures with both of our cameras that I didn’t have the chance to cry.
They are so happy, I wish my Mother could have lived long enough to see this. Erica looks so much like her.
Because of were I live, I have dial up so I can’t do very may of these, but if you know us you can go to Erica’s “My Space” page and see them all. I think they are listed under the Frith Family now. 😀

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