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Id Mubarak

This is one of the lovely daughters of my gracious hosts’

Another beautiful daughter in green and a future daughter-in-law in pink.

My friend and her youngest daughter with myself, during dinner. The dinner with guests and the Poppa of them all. (center) 🙂

The young lady who started it all and introduced me to all of these wonderful people. (below

Id Mubarak is a celebration after
Hajj is over and everyone spends the day with family and friends.
Hajj is a pilgrimage to the holy land were one follows on the path of Muhammad, pbu, during his life and learns more about Islam to strengthen one’s belief.
One of my customers who I worked for on Sunday, Amera, gave me the beautiful clothes you see me wearing here. They were an Id gift.
There was a carnival at the Mosque with vendors of clothes and wonderful foods and Islamic gifts. It is a joyous day and enables one to strengthen their faith and renew old bonds and kindle new ones.
If it’s not quite obvious, I had a wonderful day and evening with the Elayman Family who have graciously taken me into their hearts and home and call me one their own.

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