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My visit to Tn 2009

Well, it has been an interesting time here in Hendersonville, Tn. This time around we got to see snow. We, being, Roddy, my dog and I.

I didn’t fall the first step I took out of the door this time either, because I’d already found the “de-icing” stuff behind the side door, so I took care of that right away 😀

Mom doesn’t look real great to most observers, but to us she looks a lot better that she has in a long while. She’s up and dressed and doing house work and everything. Not overdoing it, but just getting things done little by little.

I hope, iA, to be going home on the first of April. I am greatly looking forward to doing so because I plan to go home by way of NC, so that I can visit my Son and his Lady and get to see my grandson Jude, that I have not actually laid eyes on yet. He’s five months old already.

Now I know how my Mother felt when I was all over the world with Jacques and Erica. She missed so much of Jacques’ growing up because we lived in NM, TN, and then Germany.

My space wasn’t up and running then, but she wasn’t real computer sauvy anyway. Instant messaging would have been much less expensive than calling from Germany at $60 for an hour of conversation. LOL

Here are some pics of Roddy enjoying the snow and our “room” at the house.

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