What a Month!!

My Anniversary Gift!!

The anniversary isn’t until July, our fifteenth, but the opportunity and the money happened at the same time, so there she is.

Made in 1997, a Yamaha, TimberWolf, 250. Look how bright the red still is. It’s amazing. Robert had to order a few odd parts so I should be able to ride this coming weekend.

They came in today and he installed them right away and, of course test drove it while I was caring for this little doll. Maybe I’ll get to go for a ride tomorrow.

It’s been sitting in the pole barn right out back, but thanks to my daughter, I’ve been blissfully distracted with her two youngest.

The one on the four wheeler is Nicholas, he’s 2 yrs. old and the “babe in arms” is Tiylor Jacob or TJ as they’re calling him.

I’m so blessed, they are both great kids. Nicholi, as we often call him, is learning to speak pretty fast. My understanding is that he’s been exposed to “baby talk” until now. This child is advancing by leaps and bounds. It’s fun to watch.

Little TJ is just the biggest flirt. He’ll be pigging out and when nearly done, after burping, he’ll give you this little smile and then laugh outright. Such a joy. He’ll be three months old on the 5th of May. This little man definitely has opinions too. LOL

They both have very good appetites. That is a good sign that they’ll, hopefully, not be picky eaters. Yes, I’m crossing my fingers. 😀


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  1. Awwww…TJ is adorable!! 🙂 Nicholas looks like a cutie too. I think this is the first I’ve seen him. Is that Erica’s stepson?? Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. It is a very exciting time! How was your visit to see baby Jude? How’s daddyhood for Jacques? Happy Mother’s Day! Love ya! 🙂

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