Four Wheeler Snorkle

In this picture the snorkel is still black (forward left).    As of Friday, the 15th, the snorkel was redone and painted red.  The whole thing really looks great!  Robert did a very nice job.  

We went four wheeling on Friday after I discovered I wasn’t baby sitting after all.  The young and crazy crowd hadn’t invaded the area yet, so we had a lot of fun. They were on their way in as we were leaving.

This was taken on my first ride and I had a scarf on my head to keep the dust off of me. I kept losing hats.  As it turns out I don’t lose them any more.  The problem was they were bumping into Robert’s shoulder or back 😛

Since I’m not riding behind him any more, I am able to keep them on.  The real trick now is to get the ones that are small enough to stay on.  It seems that I have a “child” size head.  I need to buy them in the children’s dept. or get the ones with Velcro.  

I wear long sleeves and gloves now to keep the mud from staining my nails and skin, it also happily conforms pretty closely to the Islamic dress code.  Everybody is happy.  Robert thinks it’s strange to wear long sleeves in the heat so I just tell him that they protect my arms from being scraped 😀  I also tried wearing a pair of lace up boots that I have, but had to revert to my good ‘ol western boots because the first time the mud got into my shoes and my toenails and skin were discolored, who would have thought!!!!  

Anyway, I’ll put a better pic up shortly to display the “pretty” work Robert did to my four wheeler.  For those of you who have no clue why a person would need a snorkel on their four wheeler, myself included, they allow the bike to continue to “breath” while primarily submerged in MUCKY/MUDDY water.  

It is really a lot of fun.  You’ll discover an aspect of yourself you may not have know exsisted. For example, in myself, I discovered a very competitive person that I wasn’t aware of, but not to the point of stupidity.  Keeping up with my husband can be a challenge, but I have a (very) slight advantage, my bike is smaller.  😛  I fit between trees that slow him down and that enables me to catch up.  lol.   

Thank fully I am an observant rider too.  I learned while riding with my husband that down shifting is a wonderful thing, and saves on brakes, AND is much faster than using the brakes! Don’t get carried away and down shift too low, it will have the same effect as if you down shifted in a car to a too low gear, ya follow?

Anyway, enough carring on for today.  My sewing machines are down until Monday, when I get to pick them up from repair.  I only have the serger, and I’m not accomplished enough to get a lot of things done with it yet, so I get to do fun stuff like this today.  Not that sewing isn’t fun, to me!


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