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A Rainy Comfy Sunday

I made this for something to do with my hands just before we moved and literally two days after also. It is my first attempt at a raglan sweater without a pattern because it was started in my Doctor’s office. It’s in Lion Brand Yarn and Junky to boot so it doesn’t look good on my “curvy” self, since I quit smoking, so it’s going into the box of things to my tiny daughter, whom ANYTHING looks good on. She’s so petite it will look like one of those big “meant to be droopy” sweaters.

My faithful companion, always. Wa-Allah, how I love that Dog!
I was sitting in the vacant spot to the left of the dog and knitting project, watching football.

This is from the armpits down and the cuff up of the project that I listed last. The one for my Son, Jacques.

I am very much trying to finish it before Christmas so I can get it off to him, but he is so forgiving when I can’t meet a deadlines like that.

Footnote: I MADE IT!!!

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My Latest Project

This is the sweater I’m working my fingers off on at the time. The DANG thing is very simple, but on smaller needles and I just moved!
I’m in a slightly lower income bracket that my beloved Jared Flood, the creator, so I’m using Lion Brand Yarn, Fishermen’s Wood with natural oils. Mine is in Maple Tweed and really soft.
I too have a “thing for wool” It’s kind of amazing that I do because while I was active duty as part of the uniform, on the flight line, in the winter, a wool sweater was required. I scratched myself until I left bruises some nights because it was so course. I have since fallen in love with a much more refined version of it!
If you frequent this site you may notice that most of my project are for my Son. I have a beautiful Daughter with a husband and children. She use to be a recipiant of my crafts, but alas has decided that she would rather have store bought items. To be fair, she did suffer through a few ill fitting garments before I got good at my craft.
She wore some really nice stuff that I sewed for her but she was much younger and didn’t appreciate them. The last item I made for her was a Crocheted shrug. It was really pretty and the softest yarn, Caron, a shade of pink she loves, but the sleeves were a couple inches too long, as I was in TN at the time and she was at home. She dosen’t even know where it is now :s
Oh well, more sweaters for my Son. His first sweater took me a year to make! Probably because I made it of washable wool and that stuff is expensive! I also designed it myself. The sleeves were too long on it too, but it was on purpose because he use to stick his thumbs through the cuffs of all of his sweaters (cut wholes) so I put them in, instead of him “putting” them in. lol
He said when he got the package he opened it and put it on and left it on all winter with the Cordiroy coat I’d made and already sent. That was lined with quilting I made to keep him warm. I couldn’t afford to go buy a coat for him and he really needed one so I went to Wal-Mart and bought the material off of the dicount material shelf, $20 compared to $100. He LOVED IT! It was his first year at college and it snowed up there! He said all of his friends wanted me to make one for them. I used the “Matrix” costume coat pattern. Wh0 knew?
Ok, enough rambling, gotta get back to putting the crafting room in some semblence of order so I can clean the living room. I pulled all of the boxes that were cramed into my crafting room when we moved in and put them in the living room so I could set up the Craft Room, 😀 .

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Over the last year or so all of our TVs have died or simply quit functioning.

My 32″ died and we were going to have it fixed, but it was the tube, then the Digital thing became a reality so we just used the one in the bedroom that I inheritaed from my Dad.

Then that one died too, (volumbe and picture). My daughter let us barrow the small one she had stored in one of our bedrooms but the color went way out there after we moved so I did the only thing available to a person in my position and income bracket. I went to Aarons and got another. I paid off my 32″ and it worked for years before it died so I didn’t see a reason not to.

I can hear all of you out there saying “Do you know how much interest they charge!” Yest actually, I do, my Mother taught me to read the small print NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, so I’m not unfortunately surprised in the long run. The point is that I neede one and had run out of back-ups and I could afford it, for the time being.

That thing didn’t look nearly that big in the show room. We’re not sure yet if we’re going to go smaller or just keep it.

Hey, I can see every detain without my glasses! lol

That’s my Hunny setting it up. Luckily we an abundance of young techies in case we needed help, but it worked out that we can still do it ourselves, for now 😀

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THE DECK – Continued

I was surprised at how easily Robert transported and re-assembled the deck. I got to help with taking it apart because I was the only one there. ;P

Micheal didn’t stand around with a girl attacged to him the whole time. lol.

Here Robert is “spacing” the boards so they have space to expand and contract with the changing weather.

Sam is on the deck finishing up with his row of screws to attach the deck boards to the frame boards. His drill died in the middle. Robert elected to use the riser w/steps from the steps that were attached to the back door when we arrived. He’ll be redoing them as monies allow 🙂 The other man is the nephew, Micheal’s, father, Darryl.

The affore mentioned relatives with their respective lady friends.

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We Brough It With Us-Hamdullila!
These are the parts laying all about, obviously.
The young people are my Husbands nephew and son and respective girlfriends.
This made such a BIG difference in the house.

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Moving Day!

What a mess, lol. Well it doesn’t look like much but it is really beautiful.

Ten acres in the middle of nowhere is a wonderful thing.
Rody thinks so too. He acts like a puppy even though we are getting a little silver.
The house in the bacground is the nearest neighbor and they were friendly a few years back when we bought the place, but haven’t said word one since we arrived. They probably feel like we have invaded. I would too, I guess. Word is they tried to buy the propery b4 we did. I am sorry about that, but very happy for ourselves. (insert big grin here)

I’ve got some of my Florida plants at the window for light and they will probably winter in the house so I don’t loose them. We have arrived at the begining of winter. I really missed Fall, living in Fl. The colors are as vivid as I remembered them being.

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