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Coverlet for a Friend

This is the current project under construction. I have a friend/customer that is so sweet and she is retired due to a back injury which means she doesn’t move around a whole lot. She is capable, but it is painful.

I noticed the last time I was in her home that she uses a little lap blanket so I had a brain storm the other day thinking about going home to visit. I intend to visit her and she is so nice to me when I come to clean her house, I thought I might be able to do something for her.

The pattern came from the first Debbie Bliss knitting magazine. That issue was fall/winter 2008. I’m sure you could find it in one of her books for babies. It’s called the Contrast Border Blanket and is all moss stitch. The intention by Ms. Bliss is to use her natural fiber products, which I’m sure are wonderful, but alas, again I must rely on what is available to me at my price point.

Thank God for Wal-Mart and Red Heart Yarns. You have to be very selective with Red Heart because if the completed project isn’t going to be washed a lot it won’t be soft. They also make a “soft” line now, but I am still in the middle of nowhere in AL and I think the closest JoAnns is in Mobile and the closest craft supply is Michael’s and that’s about 60 miles south.

Sooooo, I used Red Heart supper saver, Aspen Print and the “contrasting” colors from that for borders. It and they were in my stash and when I needed more of the Aspin I found it at Wal-Mart.

This is the close up so you have an idea. I plan to use the dark sage you see, light sage, dark rusty brown and a beige. I really think it will be nice and because of the yarn it’ll be washable. If you knit, you know that natural material can be a hassle to clean because you have to have somewhere to lay the item out to air dry. You also must wash it by hand or on Delicates in cold. I wash everything in cold anyway, but that keeps it from felting.

ok, rattled on enough, Fini .

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Just a litte Flourish

I did this, this afternoon. I was looking for a button for a little knitted cell phone holder I’d made and the ribbons and trimmings caught my eye.

I wear Hijab everywhere, but in the sunshine my eyeglass shades don’t keep the sun from coming in over the top, so I wear hats over my scarf. 28 years after becoming a civilian, NOW I love hats? Go figure!

It’s not very bright, but I needed it to be neutral while also being pretty so it wouldn’t matter what color my clothes or scarf were. Any decoration I add is always worn in the back of the hat.

This is another one the hats I wear with my scarf. This one is hand made in South America. I got it a few years ago at the Florida State Fair. The back is shallower than the front, which means I can drive with it on. =D

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My First Stuffy

Isn’t this the most adorable little creature? It’s a Kitty cat.

I wasn’t so sure that it would be apparent what it was, but my grandson’s Mommy said he saw it on line and knew what it was. I was a happy camper.

I got the pattern from Lion Brand. The pattern calls for Wool-Ease, which I have used and really like, but alas, I have no money to run out and purchase some, so I did the next best thing. I rummaged through my synthetic yarns, because they are wash many times-able. Considering the recipient’s age, I knew it could get quite dirty, hence the need to wash often. 😀

What you can’t actually see is that the strip colors are a dark gray and a baby blue with the white tips. The eyes are french knots because the grand child in question is a one year old and I don’t want any eyes or noses coming off and finding their way into his throat. God forbid! The mouth is a mauve. Since the toy is intended for a boy, I wasn’t so hip on “pink”. I use Cluster Stuff, by Morning Glory. It doesn’t get all lumped up and feels soooo good.

Oh, the pill box next to the Kitty, holds all of my vitamins, lol, didn’t realize it was there, but it’s still the best pic of the Kitty.

This one is for the grand son in Florida and iA, he’ll be getting it shortly after I arrive 🙂 The other little angle, pictured in the post just before this one is the child that saw it and knew it was a Kitty. He’ll be getting the next one.

The things are so cute and perfect for little hands. Lion brand has puppies and a Bear too.

The Dogs are crochet: Arigurumi Puppy
Crochet Puppy
Arigurumi Wiener

This is the Bear link: Tubby Teddy Sock Creature

I hope you have as much fun making and giving these as I have discovered.

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Jude’s Pullover with Matching Hat

I made this sweater for the adorable child pictured here, my grandson, Jude. The credit for such great pictures goes to his Mommy. She’s a professional photographer by the name of Chenoa Shannon, who can be found on Facebook or MySpace.

A few years ago I made one very similar of my own design for his father. It was made of the washable wool by Elite Yarns and black. I designed a panel of cables in the front and down the center of the sleeve. The more I handled this yarn the more I thought of the one I’d made for his father, my son, Jacques.

It’s the 5oz. Caron Simply Soft Heather, the color is Deep Teal Heather 9507 and it’s really pretty in the light and really SOFT. I put it in the light of the sun hoping to make it easier to see the color, but I guess you just have to see it to be able to appreciate the depth in the color.

The company furnished a pattern on the inside of the label for a child’s Aran Pullover and I altered it a little bit by not using the same edges or the center panel. Actually, looking at it, it reminds me of the sweater I just sent to his father, The Cobblestone, by Jared Flood. I also made the cables turn toward each other to frame the panel I did use.

That’s it for now as I’m gearing up to go and visit the other child and grandchild in FL. I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing many friends that I have missed so dearly.

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