Jude’s Pullover with Matching Hat

I made this sweater for the adorable child pictured here, my grandson, Jude. The credit for such great pictures goes to his Mommy. She’s a professional photographer by the name of Chenoa Shannon, who can be found on Facebook or MySpace.

A few years ago I made one very similar of my own design for his father. It was made of the washable wool by Elite Yarns and black. I designed a panel of cables in the front and down the center of the sleeve. The more I handled this yarn the more I thought of the one I’d made for his father, my son, Jacques.

It’s the 5oz. Caron Simply Soft Heather, the color is Deep Teal Heather 9507 and it’s really pretty in the light and really SOFT. I put it in the light of the sun hoping to make it easier to see the color, but I guess you just have to see it to be able to appreciate the depth in the color.

The company furnished a pattern on the inside of the label for a child’s Aran Pullover and I altered it a little bit by not using the same edges or the center panel. Actually, looking at it, it reminds me of the sweater I just sent to his father, The Cobblestone, by Jared Flood. I also made the cables turn toward each other to frame the panel I did use.

That’s it for now as I’m gearing up to go and visit the other child and grandchild in FL. I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing many friends that I have missed so dearly.


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