Coverlet for a Friend

This is the current project under construction. I have a friend/customer that is so sweet and she is retired due to a back injury which means she doesn’t move around a whole lot. She is capable, but it is painful.

I noticed the last time I was in her home that she uses a little lap blanket so I had a brain storm the other day thinking about going home to visit. I intend to visit her and she is so nice to me when I come to clean her house, I thought I might be able to do something for her.

The pattern came from the first Debbie Bliss knitting magazine. That issue was fall/winter 2008. I’m sure you could find it in one of her books for babies. It’s called the Contrast Border Blanket and is all moss stitch. The intention by Ms. Bliss is to use her natural fiber products, which I’m sure are wonderful, but alas, again I must rely on what is available to me at my price point.

Thank God for Wal-Mart and Red Heart Yarns. You have to be very selective with Red Heart because if the completed project isn’t going to be washed a lot it won’t be soft. They also make a “soft” line now, but I am still in the middle of nowhere in AL and I think the closest JoAnns is in Mobile and the closest craft supply is Michael’s and that’s about 60 miles south.

Sooooo, I used Red Heart supper saver, Aspen Print and the “contrasting” colors from that for borders. It and they were in my stash and when I needed more of the Aspin I found it at Wal-Mart.

This is the close up so you have an idea. I plan to use the dark sage you see, light sage, dark rusty brown and a beige. I really think it will be nice and because of the yarn it’ll be washable. If you knit, you know that natural material can be a hassle to clean because you have to have somewhere to lay the item out to air dry. You also must wash it by hand or on Delicates in cold. I wash everything in cold anyway, but that keeps it from felting.

ok, rattled on enough, Fini .


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