Hendersonville, TN in June

One happy camper! Me, that is.

Finally arrived. As you can see I was very happy to be there and even happier to see how good and healthy she, Mom, looked,

After getting settled in the very next day my ever faithful companion, Rody and I went to the local park in Hendersonville, that there would be many more pictures of except my Blackberry’s software freaked right in the middle of a really good picture of Rody!
As we were heading back to the truck it began to rain, so I dropped him off at the house and went to Verizon.

Mom in July of 09

(This is Mom in July of 09 in the hospital.  She stayed cold most of the time, so while I was sitting there i knitted the wristers and crocheted and knitted the coverlet)

Bless them, because  I bought my phone on the 2nd and it malfunctioned on the 9th and they replaced it with no questions asked.
So these are the only pictures of that day that got onto my memory card before the phone went kaput  😛

 This is a walkway that is quite long and very nice.  The Drakes Creek Park is so nice I wish I had, had the time to go get more pictures but we were off to Mississippi the very next day 🙂

This is the link to the Google Map if you will be in that area.  Drakes Creek Park, Hendersonville, TN

When ever I am in town with my Rody, we always make a point of coming here.

This is the creek that we went wadding in. It was fun. I had to push him in, but then he was very happy to be there. It is quite shallow but very refreshing.  The day was very hot and muggy so a dip in a cool creek was just the ticket.

On our way back out, then on to the Verizon store.

All in all, it was a pretty productive and fun day.


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