Three mountains in one shot!

This is the beginning of what became a  wonderful journey.

In the first picture you see part of The Smokey Mountains.  This section is called The Cherokee National  Forest, very beautiful.

Screened in for protection.

Here in the second picture, you can see where there is, literally, a kind of chain-link fence to keep as much as possible of any debris that may fall from landing on or in the lanes of travel below. This is a stretch of  Interstate Highway 40 that runs east and west across our nation.

In the third picture you get to see the actual repair work.  Earlier in the month the interstate was closed here because of fallen debris that landed on the road and caused the Department of Transportation to close it temporarily.

Repairs in progress.
Welcome to Tennessee! Yes!

Entering into Tennessee where My step Mom lives. She is known as Mom or Wife #4 or Mamaw to my kids. This is my first destination on the journey that she initiated.

Being that she was a whopping 89 lbs the last time I saw her and not going on any of her usual jaunts about town to the thrift stores it was an extreme pleasure to be going anywhere with her, much less “traveling”.


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