On to Mississippi

My co-pilot, comfortably ensconced

 Rody even has a travel bowl of water and two kinds of treats all on a comfy blanket. Talk about traveling in style! Yep, him is spoilt, but he doesn’t know it, he thinks this is the way all dog people live. Shame it isn’t.

Mom, Rody and I loaded up our stuff the night before so that we were able to pull out first thing in the morning.  Of course, there were a couple things to do first, stop and see Mom’s husband in the nursing home, grab a few supplies and then we were “On the road again” 😀

The little door to the right of the driver’s door is the door I opened to get that picture of Rody.  The handle doesn’t work and hasn’t for some time.  Mom is the one who taught me how to do the trick with the screwdriver and is amazed when it works, lol.

TUPELO, MS!! Birthplace of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll.

I wanted to stop there soooo bad, but “time waits for no Woman”, lol.
You know there are dates that will be stuck in my memory until I die, like the death of President Kennedy, or Elvis’ death.  I can tell you were I was and what I was doing during both.

This was a pleasant trip and we got to talk and listen to music. For me, it was very special because I had been in fear of losing her for so long, I would look over and see her reading and munching on her Cheetos and marvel that she was even there in the first place! Allah is truly Great!


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