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A Life Deeply Appreciated

  My Rody

This is my ever faithful friend and companion of nearly 10 years.  He was born on October 26, 2000.

The young lady who came by with the Christmas puppy for my daughter was a true salesman. She would have only one more puppy left and we were new to the area and from the “city” and felt like an acer was a BIG piece of land, lol. I took one look at that fur ball and fell head over heels in love! Dang girl, lol.

My daughter was anxiously waiting for her puppy to get old enough to come live with us. When the day finally arrived I have to admit to being a little excited too.  I’m a true sucker for a sweet furry face (on four feet).

In present times, if there is a new litter of kittens or puppies I make sure I stay far away from them! LOL, I can’t afford any more children at this point in my financial life. I really love them ALL!

At any rate the reason for this Blog Entry in particular is that my Sweet Boy, as I call him, and the dear boy answers to it.  You know, he must think I’m gettin old too since I  don’t call him Rody as much as I use to.

I guess that I just wanted to get it out in the world how wonderful a companion he has been all these years. I am feeling a little melancholy and I tear up every time I think of my life without him. I couldn’t be expected to speak coherently on some occasions lately.

You see, he started having seizures in April of this year and he’d never had one before, that I was aware of. They got to be pretty often and then slacked off again.  I took him to the Vet while we were living in Asheville, NC and the Vet couldn’t find anything wrong, but I couldn’t afford the battery of lab tests.

I was afraid that the moving about the country could be a factor, but he’s traveled with me a few times and had no ill effects. He’s in the middle of a good spell right now, only one since we’ve been here, since the 19th, and none for two weeks before that.  He’s begun to cough lately. Just little ones every once in a while, but dogs don’t cough, not unless there’s something wrong. He’s been a pretty pampered dog as far as being exposed to the elements and diseases and he’s gotten his shots every now and again, but not very timely due to the cost of just walking into a vets office, not to mention shots too!

When I hear him cough sometimes, I cry and I try not to let him see me because he knows I’m upset and that it’s because of something to do with him. No matter what anyone says, these animals ARE NOT STUPID, they may not be able to add 2 +2, but God gave them that extra “something” to protect them from things they can’t understand.  Truly, if your dog or cat doesn’t like someone for no apparent reason, PAY attention.  There is something you don’t know, but they feel it.  I can’t tell you how many times one of the many dogs and cats in my life have proven to be right.

I know I am about to be in serious financial straights, but it’s only money and I love him too much to let it hurt him, whatever it turns out to be. Gotta pay for the new place this month and then I’ll be able to do a little work to supplement the Military Widow’s Pension so I can get a full battery of tests to see where we are. I would be beside myself with joy to discover that I’m being silly, but there have been dogs in my family’s homes longer than I’ve been in one of our family homes. I’d be willing to “bet” there have been dogs in my family as far back as the early days in Scotland. My father’s people come from there and my Mother’s are Native Americans with a little French and Irish thrown in just to be sure we get fired up instantaneously, lol. The point is that they have a long history in my family and I trust my instincts.

Since I’m writing from my step-Mom’s computer I don’t have a lot of good pictures of my Rody, but I always set up the computer as one of the first things when moving. You know, the bed, kitchen, and the computer, oh yeh and the bathroom  😉

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