The New Place

Ok, this was in Mom’s old house.

THIS is the new place.

 Well, as you may have noticed, I hope, I’ve lost the “I quit smoking” last year extra weight!  Thank You God!! lol

Rody has too, mostly.  Poor guy, I was eating and OF COURSE he got a bit of everything I ate sooooo, you guessed it he added a couple of lbs too.  The Vet we saw in NC said it wasn’t bad so I made a point of getting him to the park and going on walks quite a bit.

It helped me too, but it was really aimed at getting him healthy and getting him out of that cubicle we were living in.  It was really nice, but REALLY small.

As you can see, my computer is up and running, gotta have my Steve Perry music and be able to communicate with my kids! Unpacking and doing all that labor requires a lot of dancing around music, lol.

Sorry, if that is a bad mental image. Those of you who actually knew me before I gave up drinking, smoking anything , know I MUST  dance.  I love music, it has been the marker for so many events in my life, it’s just one of those things that are an integral part of me.

As it becomes more presentable, I’ll show more pics.  I REALLY need to do some planting out front so those will be a while still. The property manager will be having a front porch slab laid in the near future. He also  took me to pick out the carpet at Home Depot just before I moved in.  I picked a Burber because I liked the colors and it’s easy to maintain Annnnd it hides flaws well  😉  LOL, I keep forgetting I don’t have kids or puppies running around making messes.  The next “four legged” kid will be a kitten.  I’m going over to the “feline side” as per Bukhari, lol. 

Well, it’s getting late and I have to be up to pray in a timely fashion, so farewell for now.

As a funny foot note, after leaving my bed on the floor so Rody could get up into it just after I bought it, I finally fixed the frame by replacing a piece of wood that had broken under my step Mom’s son’s weight (300lbs!) it is now up and guess who has decided he’ll get up there now. I suppose he has lost enough weight that it’s easier to jump up there, Yayyyy!  No snuggling from me though, that would be smothering. Hey at least he’s not on the hard floor with those not so young bones any more.  Ok, enough rambling, night.

Noticing the common denominator? lol.                                                                                                              

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