What I’ve Been Doing – Part I

That framed picture above the bed on the left is a Surname research paper for the last name Elder(s), my maiden name. Erica and I got it at Busch Gardens – Virginia in 2002.

I’d almost forgotten that I had this set.  The kind of “forgotten” that comes rushing back as soon as you lay eyes on the box and then can’t wait to open it, ya know?


The reason I’d almost forgotten was because they are only Double bed sized and they were my Mother’s.  Some things are hard to look at sometimes.  She spent a small fortune, for good reason, on this set as you will be able to see.

It’s all crocheted and it’s so pretty.  I really love it.  I just bleached the sheets and the second set of pillow cases.  I’ll get around to the bed skirt and spread.  They’ve been in a box since she was killed by a drunk driver in 2001 at Christmas time.

They obviously didn’t have matching curtains because she would have gotten them to go with the set.  These are the ones she did get to go with it and they match really well.

The obsessive compulsiveness runs true in our family and in mine and my daughter’s case, it’s very appreciated because we recognize it as from my Mother. It also came from her Mother, so that’s another good thing.  We’re blessed to only have it to the degree that we want straight lines, as in pictures, and we generally have neat clean homes.  One of us will catch the other straightening something laying around on a counter in public, and tease the other, but that’s just a nervous habit, lol.

So this is where it ended up and you know that I am constantly straightening it because of the OCD, but I don’t mind, it means I touch it more often   😀

I have a lot of her work and one table cloth/twin bed spread that was made by my Grandmother.  My Lord!  That one was A LOT OF WORK!  The cotton thread is so thin, it’s just amazing.

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