What I’ve Been Doing – Part II

Alrighty then, when you come in the front door this is the view. I finally got it all in there and organized.

The spotted pillows were my daughter’s when she had a comforter to match.  I confiscated them a few years ago after she moved, lol.  I really need them because I’m short and it seems that everyone’s furniture lately is made for people much taller than I am.
In the immediate foreground of the second picture, the
coffee table is actually Ma-maw’s cedar chest.  I’m tasked to, in the near future, strip and polyurethane it so it doesn’t look so mistreated.  It’s really beautiful inside and since it’s cedar, it’s full of all of my blankets.
That table with the lamp has been in the room I’ve used every time I’ve been to Tennessee to take care of Ma-maw over the last three years.  The shade looked pretty yukky so I replaced it with the one I’ve toted all over the place this year(slightly dinged).

That basket in the foreground is full of the crocheting of my Mother and Grandmother’s that I mentioned in the last post.  Behind that is my usual collection of what “I’m working on at the moment” knitting/crochet wise. when I started knitting, I read  that any more than three projects at the same time is too many, so I keep it at or below that, lol.

The furniture is from my step-sister, Belinda’s, ex-husband.  He got a new sectional and decided to sell the old stuff.  We’ve planned for me to pay $50 or more when I have it or less, depending on whether I get a job sooner than later and what my other bills will look like, lol.  I didn’t think it would fit at first, but surprisingly enough it did.

Can you tell I was an active part of the Obama Election? I stood outside of poling places and handed out pamphlets and answered question.  It was a lot of fun.  I was so happy when we actually won. I really didn’t think America had actually gotten there.  I was so pleased to be wrong about that.

To the right is my corner curio cabinet that I was putting together when Robert fell from the pole barn, out back, in Florida.  I will probably never forget how scared to death I was.  God Bless our friends/neighbors for getting there SO fast. The man has amazing recovery abilities!
I hadn’t seen some of that stuff, most of it actually, since 2006.  After my Father passed away in March of 06, we came home and put our FL home on the market.  The Realtor told us to pack most of the “personal” things like pictures and these things.
It was a very pleasant journey through the memories while unpacking them.

This is a close up of the top shelfs content.

That Lladro was Poppie’s and Erica broke the flower off of it when she was about 3 yrs. old.  The flower is on the shelf just in front of the clown and behind the camels.

He got those on one of his many TDY’s to Turkey.  I added the Arab coffee cups just last year.

The Blue Jay was my Mother’s and the “Hat” ashtrays were gifts from my daughter while she was still on “Walk About” you know the wonder lust that many of us go through when we’re young and want to conquer the world?
The kitty in the bright pink ceramic basket to the left of the door was a thank you gift from one of my friends, a Mark Roberts,  that lived in the same barracks that I did. The whole unit went TDY to Denmark and I hadn’t been there long enough to go so I took care of everyone’s pets, birds, snakes, and a turtle too, I think. There was even a Tarantula, but I didn’t have to care for it.  Very cool though.   
There are five more clowns on the shelf just below, that were Poppie’s also.

The little bed topper is one made by me.  A giant granny square without the “wholes” that little fingers and toes get caught in.
Well, actually, the stereo on that table is on top of the fridge now so I can hear it all over the house. That came from Ma-maw too, it was in the top of a closet.
I’m going to have to go to a pawn shop and find myself one of those stereos that have the turntable, CD, tape deck and receiver so I can continue to listen to all of my music.  I have cassettes from before my daughter was born, 22 yrs ago, and vinyl albums from before my son was born, 28 yrs ago.  So many wonderful recordings from when I got married to their father and tapes he made while he was in Germany before we got there and tapes my Mother made and some she bought,  too significant to just “let them go”.  I’ll have to get one before they stop making them, lol

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