What I’ve Been Doing – Part III

Can you see those tall candle holders on the wooden cabinet? Those were Mom’s and so was the ceramic jar. The ones on top of Daddy’s hutch were from my Daughter.

I really like the ceilings in this apartment.  We were very blessed to come across this place, Mom2 and I.  The owner and new property manager are in the process of improving the quality of their tenants and they said we were a very good addition.  They have been very good to us since we arrived. 

When ever there are any little problems they usually come by and fix them right away.  I often just text a list of any little things needing done to the property manager so I don’t bother him and he has a list to refer to.  They replaced my fan over the bed because it was crazy wobbly, Man! lol.

Mom2 didn’t want her table any more because it was way too big for our apartments so she gave it to her daughter and she game me the one she had.  That round one in the kitchen.  I had to drill some pilot holes and use special wood screws to screw the table to the slides that the expansion piece would have fit into and then the slides to the base. DUDE, what a mess. Rough handling in it’s previous life, before my sister. 
Those shelves above are a God send.  There were a few things I refused to give up when I left the S.O. and my kitchen supplies were one of them.  Now that I can taste I enjoy cooking even more, so “I need all that stuff”, as my Mom use to say. She was referring to a large purse and it was a joke, but it applies.  That clock in the center came from Mrs. Diane Bearman, she use to live next door in Florida, we all really liked her and her husband, Richard.  We lost touch after they moved.  😦

That’s were the only bookshelf I have left ended up.  If you know me you know that I had six bookshelves full and was always absorbing more.  Putting a 16 year life into a 5′ x 8′ U-haul trailer and stuffing the bed of my full size Scottsdale 1982 pick-up isn’t much space so you MUST prioritize!  It was very hard donating all of those books, but knowing that I WILL  be getting a Nook or Kindle and re-stocking my electronic shelves over time and at a much lower price per book is a small, but good consolation.  My desire for one of those became a “need” after this move.

Miss Diane also game me that sliver plater on top of said bookshelf.  It’s sterling silver plated. I don’t mind polishing so I think that’s how I inherited it, lol. There is a cross stitch lily over it that I made for my Mom once, back when I could see Aida 24 without a well lit magnifying glass.

Aren’t those cabinets great? I love how many there are and I have six drawers!!! In the last two places I’ve lived, mobile homes, I had only TWO, can you believe that! *&%^$  If I have anything to say about it, I will never live in another mobile home again!!   

Tah – Dahhh! The toilette, lol.  Tiny, but it’s only myself, so no foul.
Those shelves will be going in the relatively near future!! They are functional, but Yuuckkk, like gag me with a spoon, lol.  

There were sliding glass doors in those tracks and the maintenance guys and I discussed my removing them since there were no handles and the frames came away from the glass when you pulled on it because there were no handles!  Soooo, we discovered that we couldn’t remove the frame without serious damage to the tub.  We came to a compromise and got rid of the dangerous and seriously out of date glass doors for the dang frame with a curtain and rod.  It ain’t perfect, but it’s a LOT better than the original and I’m much less likely to end up with glass all over the place.

Well now it appears I haven’t taken a decent picture of the computer/sewing/crafting room since I finally got it all together.  I’ll be doing that in the near future. 

I have the feeling I’m about to run out of time.  I picked up Mom2 from the airport this evening so I’ll be running around for and with her and I have a “second” job interview tomorrow, so there’s a good chance I’ll be working part-time, for now.  She’ll be needing my driving services in the immediate future for the cataract removal also.  I love going with her, we always have fun together, but it is time consuming.  I know that at some time in the relatively near future I will no longer be blessed with her precents, so I’m taking advantage of every minute.  This time when I lose a parent I will be as prepared as humanly possible.

If you know my family, you know that both of my biological parents were lost to us with no warning, in my Mom’s case and VERY little in Daddy’s.  So I make a point of saying things that need to be said and spending as much quality time with the people I love.  I post “I loves yous” and “I’m proud of yous” on the Facebook pages of my children all the time too. Ya never know, ya know?  😛

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