I’m being LAME

To my dear friends that actually follow my some what uneventful exploits, I have been really busy.

Drove Ma-maw to Corinth, Ms. over the last three days and was blessed with a “text book” surgery to remove the catarac on her right eye.

We’re back home now and I must say how envious I am of her not even needing glasses any longer.  How cool is that!

The truth is I shouldn’t look a blessing in the mouth, since I only need them to read, so “Thank You” 🙂

My puppy dog, Rody, is doing really well. No Seizures of late, Thank You, again!  He seems to be quite happy with life being just we two.  He sure is going to be surprised when more people are in the apartment.  Guess he’ll go back to hiding out in my room again 😛  That’s ok, it means I get to snuggle him up a little more often.

Well, gotta go for now.  I was blessed with a call from a Temp Service, so I have an interview on Monday, iA, it will go well.  It’s perfect for me, only two days a week to supplement my VA widow’s benefits and leaves time for blogging, knitting, walking in the park with The Rody and setting up the “computer room” into “my room” so there will be room for my “soon to arrive” family. It’ll be cramped for a little while, but I am very much looking forward to it.

I’m going to have to print out some forms and fax them then I pray I get to the part where I need to go do a drug screening, that would be supper! I miss the corporate world, but only want to visit not move back in, lol.

Ok, gotta get on with it, Love to all that are applicable, ya know who you’s guys are, xoxoxo

The Mommy/Noni


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