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Back Home in Florida!

Long time between posts, sorry about that.  Traveling and then getting situated, then looking for a place to live and getting work.

I took the computer out of the box already, but there’s not a connection to the outside world yet 😛

I’ve been approved for an apartment and now I’m waiting for May so I can accumulate the deposits and then MOVE! Then, iA, maybe I’ll be able to afford an ISP, that would be nice.  Nothing against the Library, but I’d much rather surf and blog from the comfort of my own home 🙂

I was blessed with a job just recently, working for two weeks, Yes! Hamdulilla!!

Staying with my daughter until I get to move to my place, this way I get to be near her and be of service to her while I’m there taking up space and electricity, lol.  She says no need, but I like to be useful, so I do dishes and cleaning and baby sitting, as needed.

Don’t give up on my postings, I’ll be back to it as soon as I can get back up and running, iA.

Love to all and have a great Spring.

Kathleen/ Shafiah

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