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The plant just to the right is variegated and looks like a miniature of a variety here in Florida that I like very much. Of course I’m going to blank the name of it so when I remember I’ll post it.

Chevalier!! And now after looking it up, I think that the name I was told for the original is incorrect 😦

Anyway, that one was quite larger until my grand son and his cohort in crime, the grand puppy, got together and chewed and plucked the top of that right hand stalk off.

As you may be able to see it has begun to recover very nicely.

In the center on the second shelf you can see an Aloe plant that Bente, my friend of many years, gave to me before I left Florida back in 09.  That plant has also traveled and been kept alive all over the place and through the winter in TN also.

More to come…


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