OMG! Or more like me, “Crud Maynard!”

LOL, no really, I have just seen the date on my last post 😛

I have some pics of the work I did that day and then I ran off to North Carolina to visit my Son’s family and the GRAND BABIES.  Who knew they, grand babies that is, could  be so much fun?  I have always loved playing with Hot Wheels and Jude, Jacques’ eldest son does too, insert big grin here. We had so much fun.

Then I drove over to Tennessee to hang out with my Dad’s fourth ex-wife.  Confused yet, lol.  Nah, all wives are kept in the family except the first one and that was because only my Mother, the second ex-wife, knew her and that was “many moons ago”. She spoke well of her, but that was all.  Daddy got to see their two girls before he passed away, but the sneaky devil set it up so none of the rest of the family got to meet them.  I would have loved to REALLY have an older sister or even two.  So for now I remain the eldest “acknowledged” offspring.

Anyway, I need to get some of those pictures up here or you could check out my Facebook page under Kathleen Elders Valentin.The pressure washing and some of the work I’ve done will probably show up here though.

Ok enough rambling for now, NCSI and NCSI LA will be on soon and I have more Crocheting and Knitting to finish. I may not be a Christian, but the rest of my family participates in the Holiday so I have some serious work left before we get there and I won’t even be in the state!


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