Anne McCaffrey, ‘Dragonriders’ Author, Dies at 85 –

Anne McCaffrey, ‘Dragonriders’ Author, Dies at 85 –

I know that I’m a little late on this post, but I was so caught off gaurd when I saw it on Facebook. 

I go there a minimum of once a day, but had been away for a few days with the holidays and working, so I was genuinely stunned to read of Ms. McCaffrey’s passing.

I did a lot of praying that it wasn’t too terrible for her, the transition. 
Of course, only being a fan, I have no way of knowing what she was really like as person other than through her words.
I really feel that anyone who had the thoughts and ethics behind the millions of ideas she had that enabled her to creat all of those works that had me laughing out loud, literally, and on the other hand truly crying in deap grief at the loss of Master Robinton, my poor family were completely unprepared.I think that one was so hard because we, the readers, knew she’d based him on a real person she admired.

I was a young adult when I read her work for the first time.  It was the story of Roweena, Lord! I cried at the end of that one too, lol, but she always calmed us with the renewal of life throught the next generation or the continuation of the struggle to achieve a new civilization or to concore the foe like in the Sassinak books, God! those made you do the Arsenio fist thrust while saying with strong feelings, YES, got you, you bastards!!! The pirates of

What about the Landing series, teaching us that we really can’t make it without each other.  In my opinion, she was always teaching us a valueable lesson. 
For me many of her lessons were confirmations of things my Mother taught us.  Although, my Mother probably didn’t expect me to actually fall in love and marry, for heavens sake, someone of color!! lol, she got over it and fell in love with him too.  Then of course, I did it again.  Poor woman, she was so resiliant.

I am even a vegitarian, although I didn’t lear that Ms. McCaffrey was until only recently, but it’s not surprising since in one of thse books in the Sassinak universe, I think it was her ancestor, Lunzie Mespil, who I learned that you never know how life will manifest. 

I am the grand daughter of another science fiction lover who read everything, multiple times, by Asimof.  My Asimof was McCaffrey.  I am still a little bitter that I won’t live long enough to earn a place on an EEC mission or be able to be a mechanic, since that’s where my test scores usually put me, on a ship doing a tour into deap space on an exporation mission.

Some will think that, that lumps me into the “not all there” category.  Well that’s ok, what you may not realize is that we, the dreamers are the ones who make things like space travel, much less flight in general possible. We day-dreamed it and then went out and made it happen!

I use to lay in a boat with my nose in an Ann McCaffrey book while my husband fished.  I would look up at those beautiful clouds tinted with gold (I live in forida) and imagine surface to ship shuttles transporting personnel.  Who cares where they were coming or going, I just wanted to be on one.  She wrote about those suites that Sassinak and even Lunzie wore in combat, I think in those terms because I’m military. You know I recently read or heard a new sreport that those suites are A LOT closer to being a reality.  I know! It was a story on NBC about a man that is working on a suite that responds to brain impulses to move the limbs of a person who has spinal damage and they “mentioned” military applications. The young man was WALKING in one of those suites!! 😉  You gotta agree, that is just too cool!

In many of the syfy books I read, David Weber and Micheal Grear, Honor Harrington or The people of Spider, those suites figure prominantly.  Most of the cara

See what a little Anne McCaffrey and a military background can do for you?


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