My Businesses


This is a picture from my files, but depicts some of the work I do, such as pressure washing.
Primarily, I do house keeping to suppliment my Military Widow’s pension.  I am also an avid knitter and sew for the pleasure of it, and for my customers.

Thankfully, business is finally beginning to pick up again.  Between the Islamic holidays and the traditional Christian ones my services went from, not enough hours in a day, to not enough jobs in a week, lol.

During the Islamic holidays I was blissfully in high demand, and because I have some family locally, I was blessed to be invited to Thanksgiving dinners and then to TN to stay for a couple of weeks, when I got back for a week or so it was a little slow, but finances are beginning to recover from the festivities.


Some very detailed cleaning.


Large frame detailed cleaning.

I am pretty much a Jack of all trades and a master of a couple, lol.  I am a pretty detail oriented person, but have to keep a tight rien on myself sometimes because I can get engrossed in my work and completely lose track of time.

The customer who had me clean these above items is a pleasure to work for because I never know what I’ll be doing when I get there and she knows “how I am”.  We often laugh about it, because it’s the reason she keeps me coming back.

I have come to the conclusion that many of my customers “have it too”.  It’s an inside joke, meaning obssesive complusive, not literally, just mildly.

Because of my attention to detail I’m also a good seamstress.  I am more conserned with quality than quantity.  I have a dear friend that put a bug in my bonnet about changing the direction of my business because I’m a so mechanically inclined.

I am a collector of tools, because the Air Force taught me, as an F-15 Hydraulics Troop, that the right tool enables one to accomplish the task at hand in a timely manner and well.  We, my friend and I, were in Home Depot looking for a tool for a job she had me doing for her when she and I were laughing about how my eyes “glaze over” when I get into the tool section.  Of course, being in Home Depot or Lowes, makes me wish I had unlimited funds and time to attack a few million projects.

I did interior painting and wall paper hanging while living in TN to suppliment my income and contracted to the Apartment manager to clean new units. I like what I do most of the time and made it clear NOT to call me for the ones where the resident left a tornato, that’s how I manage to continue to like it.  I even got to help with the restoration of a beautiful home that had flood damage in 2010 from the river there.  I did some painting and wood oiling/polishing too.


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