On The Mend, Again

I spoke to Rachel, Ma-maw or Mom2, this morning and she is definately sounding much better. 😀  Her daughter passed away on the 6th of January and she was hopitalized late the next night with double pneumonia.  I really believe her grieving and being exposed to the cold weather to the point of exhaustion weakened her immune system even for a healthy person, but she lost her spleen in a nearly fatal car accident a little more than 20 yrs ago.

It pains me hearing her cough, but have learned to recognize it as “productive” so it bothers me a little less than it did in the past. While we were speaking this morning she had a very productive “fit” of coughing, but recovered quickly, thank you God!  She’s looking forward to getting back to her own bed and being surrounded by her own possesions.  I think anyone can sympathize with that sentiment, lol.  She’s been in hospital since last Saturday, the 7th so home is over due in her estimation.

She has a Thyroid problem and if she can get well for long enough she can have a quick surgery to remove it and maybe then she’ll be able to gain some weight and actually keep it 😀  Back in July of 09, she had gained up to about 126-27 Lbs, I think, and looked quite healthy.  Since then there seems to be a conspirecey, by her body, to keep her just weak enough that she couldn’t withstand another surgery.  We did manage to go and have her cataracs removed in two seperate sessions, between two bouts of pneumonia, again.  As it turns out she has been carrying a fungi within her lungs that kept flarring up so at least THAT has been discovered.  My understanding of that is the lung is a Very moist place, by it’s very nature so that perfectly enables it to persist.

At any rate, the point is that I’m pleased to hear the life come back into her voice and she was actually able to convers.  It takes air to talk and being able to talk even for 15 minutes was a task for her earlier this week, so this is a pleasent step in the right direction.  Yes, I do see these little victories as a reason to rejoyce, hey every little thing means she’ll be here a little longer for us to enjoy.


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