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A/C and Wedding Update

Initially the compressor, which was replaced before I bought it because it blew on the test drive (Thank God!), checked out fine and so did the leak test.  That was Friday afternoon at 16:55 when I walked out of there.  I got into the car and It didn’t seem as cool as it should be but, hey, it’s Florida and it was HOT out so I thought maybe that’s all.  So I carried on, went and got a pair of shoes to go with the new dress for the festivities at the Wedding on Saturday night.

Come Saturday after the prerequisites of showering and drying hair, applying all stuff eye related, I don’t wear “make-up” unless it’s and EVENT in the dead of winter and I look like I was dug up. I hate not being able to touch my own face not to mention getting that stuff on my clothes and it never fails, I’ll rub my eyes and voila I’m scaring children with my “raccoon eyes” as my Mother use to call it.

I’ll be using it to carry stuff to work with now.

So, I’ve got a dress of synthetics, an Abya, of the same synthetics, a scarf… get the picture. I’ve got all the little sewing things I MIGHT need to repair any emergencies before/during the Wedding and it all fit into this adorable  little container and the scarves and stuff all neatly fit into the carry bag I decided to whip up because I didn’t want to walk into a formal occasion with a granted, nice, but still, a Publix “green bag”, hence the cool one I made of the same material I made a bag to bring my sewing machine along on trips. That bad is one of my best creations. It’s lined and has pockets just for scissors. They’re “V” shaped without a bottom to poke into.

This is the “emergency repair” kit, coincidentally with a sample of the material I used for my new bag.

ANYWAY….I get out to the car all ready, start her up and get the air blowing, and the !@##$$ING thing is blowing hot air, needless to say I am on the verge of a meltdown. To keep me from getting all upset with all of this “stuff” already on my face and now all of that synthetic material is stuck to me, I just force myself to say “FORGET IT FOR NOW!!!”.

I did call the A/C people right then, he said, “Well bring it over, we’re open till 4”.  It’s a joke on me from the Universe because I’ve already paid the $98 to have it all checked out and recharged. Of course, at 14:30 on THE DAY OF THE EVENT and I’m due at 15:00 ish  I can’t go there.  I was blessed in that it was actually cool outside because there was/is a big storm brewing to the NE just off the Atlantic coast of Florida and it’s having a blessedly cooling effect.

On the wonderfully up side, everything went swimmingly well. The scarves were all just right and as it turned out we were still one short, but that was unforeseeable, and therefore acceptable.  The cape turned out very nice, I loved it the way it matched so well, especially because I wanted the mini Perl trim to accent the ones on the Wedding dress and the poor frazzled  bride let me do it and was pleased with the end result. The Bride was just as calm as could be on the day of the Wedding and just as sweet as she was all the way through the madness.

I was lucky enough to be off today and they were not at the A/C repair place so I ran over and they did some testing that took longer and found the problem. To be fair, I got there at 16:35 on Friday evening and they got the tests done and charged it, all in 20 minutes.

After recharging it, because it had leaked out, twice during this stint of testing.  The real culprit was found. The first time it stopped being “cold” I took it into the dealer and when the lot guy took the cap off of the low pressure valve it literally blew away and he never found it.  So I bought one and went to the repair place that the parts store recommended.

Anywhooo, the same thing happened to the tech while he was testing it and he replaced the valve again.  The final diagnosis is that the threads and the in line filter that the valve screws into are not good anymore.  They are holding for the moment, but it will leak out over a couple months unless it has a blow out. That’s how long it took the first time.  The line pressure is about 50 psi more than it shoud be so that’s what determined the the filter replacement. The line its self is going to be costly, but the filter is only $7 so by the time it’s done, it’ll be $395 😛  Yes, it’s a luxury, but this is Florida and the Summer has officially arrived and it’s already a very muggy 85 degrees Fahrenheit  when I walk out the door at 06:30 in the morning!!!! I would like to arrive at work looking clean and crisp as opposed to crumpled and sweaty, so I’m going to be “working for A/C money” for the foreseeable future, lol.

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Hamdulilla! I’ve been doing the Temp Service assignment for two weeks and they’ve extended it a couple more days while they try to find another assignment for me.

It’s strange to enjoy being a part of the “Rat Race” but I am enjoying being a useful member of society and being able to do my job without worrying that if I land a permanent position will I be able to keep going. Now the only thing that could hinder me would be if the car needed work, but I’m making all attempts to keep her up and running by maintaining all the fluids and I’ll be needing a tune up and oil change any time now with the driving I’ve been doing.

It’s money happily spent when she runs so well 😀 the first and highest is the vacuuming and recharging of the A/C since I replaced the low pressure valve. IA, that will be all it needs, Please Lord!! lol

Ok, got get to the cutting and sleeping


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Last Minute Wedding Scarves

A Lovely Purple even thought the lighting is bad 😛

 Sr. Alice arrived with the material we’ve been trying to track down for days! The Wedding is on Saturday evening! I LOVE a good challenge 🙂

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Finished Tea Pot Cozy


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Tea Cozy, picture #2


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Tea Pot Cozy


You’d think that if I’m working and trying to get packed why in the world would I start a new project.

Well I have to “blame” it on a young lady named Alice at   “Crochet with Raymond

She has the most wonderfully inspiring blog about Crocheting and the colors are just amazing!

I love tea and coffee too, which is another way I got interested and I also have a cat, but mine is a girly, girl.

Anyway, I’m going to add some pics by phone since my new (antique) cpu doesn’t have a “___ing” media port to put my memory card into with or without an adapter! I’m going to have to get off my duff and save a little money and just buy one 😛

I’m going to be 51 in October this year and it has occurred to me that I’ve been crocheting since I was a young girl, probably about 8 or 9.  Then I got interested in boys and forgot about it for a while, but have always come back to it.  In my twenties I realized I had a pretty wide creative streak because I was an F-15 Hydraulics troop in the USAF, that’s the United States Air Force for those who may not know 😉 and I did embroidery on my jeans as a teenager and sewing and auto mechanics and in my late twenties, during my second child’s pregnancy I was living in Germany with my, now deceased, husband, when I learned how to knit.  It didn’t stick then.  I finally taught myself how again in 2006 in the European style just before my father passed away of prostate cancer.  It was a very useful tool at that time for my hands so I didn’t smoke so much. I kept knitting even thought I couldn’t really use a pattern at that time so I would just do “free style” and make my own sweater patterns.

I’ve since learned very much about knitting, but am happy to know there is sooooo much more to learn.  It actually helped me to overcome my addiction to nicotine after 8 tries and roughly 30 years. I did gain 20 lbs, but lost it pretty quick and have managed to keep it off.

So the point is that I’m in this “I WANT to crochet something mood”and I have the usual tub of left over yarn that we all have, so why not something useful AND pretty, thank you Alice.

Pictures to be added soon.

Note: The colors are a little muted because they match the tea-pot that is part of a setting for 12 with service pieces, no less, from my step-Mom, ex-wife #3.

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Taking a Moment

Mother’s Day of 2012

It’s amazing how much my life has changed in such a short time.

I guess I should begin from the beginning. I finally got a “real” job as I refer to it since I have student loans that I will be able to begin repaying again if it becomes permanent. I worked for this “Human Resource” company in 2009 and had a great opportunity to work for 2 or 3 months at the time.  One of their personnel was gone on Active Duty.

My significant other of 15 years decided that he didn’t want to be associated with a girl that wore a scarf a lot of the time any more.  To be fair we had both grown up into two very different people than the ones who had started out.  I left with him to  attempt to salvage the relationship and left the position with permission.

After spending six months “working” on it in AL, I left.

I traveled a lot in the following year and landed back in Florida where my Daughter and her family are.  I’ve been doing really well and working for myself while continuously applying for jobs online.

Miraculously the same Temp agency called again and offered another opportunity.  I needed some current references so even though it’s only 2 maybe 3 weeks, it’s still to my advantage. God Bless my customer, they were all hoping I’d get the job, but freaking out about not having my services anymore.

I’d been raising children for the past 15-20 years and doing Temp jobs and taking refresher courses to keep my skills up to date.  Once my children where all out, now married and parents themselves I thought I’d be able to go back to work, NOT!

The temp positions are thought of as “too many short term” jobs and unreliable, if you can believe that, who would have guessed 😛 So I’m seriously considering more, God Forbid, school.  If the expected positions don’t materialize then there will be more life altering decisions to make.

If there is not a permanent position, I will know by the end of this assignment, at which time I will put my few possessions into storage, again,  for a month, crash at my Step Mom’s to save some money and in a month pack it all up and go to NC. I don’t mind the travel other than no longer having my dog Rody to travel with. I like to travel, but I like to do it with a solid “home base” lol.

It’s exciting either way and once I get settled again, I’m staying put and then I’ll decide if I need more school to be competitive again.

Hey, I’m only 50, there are a million different things I could be doing in a year including, but not limited to, chasing my Son’s sons around the park and having a blast doing that while pursuing a new career again.

For now, I’m spending my days working on this assignment, my nights packing and doing sewing for my dear friend’s Son’s wedding and enjoying the grandson that is local when I’m not too busy. I’ll probably throw in a couple of my old customers for extra cash, but not too many. I need to get this place primarily packed so I can focus on the upcoming changes so I’ll be ready when the time comes.

I have customers that are in their early 30s that say I run circles around them, but I can only do that for 5 or 6 hours, then I begin to slow down. So I do a lot of planning and preparing so that I CAN “act” when it’s time.  Either way, I’ll be moving because my lease is up, whether to a new place here or one up there is still undecided, so now I plan, and pack 😉

Hamdulilla, God really is Great! I am still healthy and look to the future!

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