Taking a Moment

Mother’s Day of 2012

It’s amazing how much my life has changed in such a short time.

I guess I should begin from the beginning. I finally got a “real” job as I refer to it since I have student loans that I will be able to begin repaying again if it becomes permanent. I worked for this “Human Resource” company in 2009 and had a great opportunity to work for 2 or 3 months at the time.  One of their personnel was gone on Active Duty.

My significant other of 15 years decided that he didn’t want to be associated with a girl that wore a scarf a lot of the time any more.  To be fair we had both grown up into two very different people than the ones who had started out.  I left with him to  attempt to salvage the relationship and left the position with permission.

After spending six months “working” on it in AL, I left.

I traveled a lot in the following year and landed back in Florida where my Daughter and her family are.  I’ve been doing really well and working for myself while continuously applying for jobs online.

Miraculously the same Temp agency called again and offered another opportunity.  I needed some current references so even though it’s only 2 maybe 3 weeks, it’s still to my advantage. God Bless my customer, they were all hoping I’d get the job, but freaking out about not having my services anymore.

I’d been raising children for the past 15-20 years and doing Temp jobs and taking refresher courses to keep my skills up to date.  Once my children where all out, now married and parents themselves I thought I’d be able to go back to work, NOT!

The temp positions are thought of as “too many short term” jobs and unreliable, if you can believe that, who would have guessed 😛 So I’m seriously considering more, God Forbid, school.  If the expected positions don’t materialize then there will be more life altering decisions to make.

If there is not a permanent position, I will know by the end of this assignment, at which time I will put my few possessions into storage, again,  for a month, crash at my Step Mom’s to save some money and in a month pack it all up and go to NC. I don’t mind the travel other than no longer having my dog Rody to travel with. I like to travel, but I like to do it with a solid “home base” lol.

It’s exciting either way and once I get settled again, I’m staying put and then I’ll decide if I need more school to be competitive again.

Hey, I’m only 50, there are a million different things I could be doing in a year including, but not limited to, chasing my Son’s sons around the park and having a blast doing that while pursuing a new career again.

For now, I’m spending my days working on this assignment, my nights packing and doing sewing for my dear friend’s Son’s wedding and enjoying the grandson that is local when I’m not too busy. I’ll probably throw in a couple of my old customers for extra cash, but not too many. I need to get this place primarily packed so I can focus on the upcoming changes so I’ll be ready when the time comes.

I have customers that are in their early 30s that say I run circles around them, but I can only do that for 5 or 6 hours, then I begin to slow down. So I do a lot of planning and preparing so that I CAN “act” when it’s time.  Either way, I’ll be moving because my lease is up, whether to a new place here or one up there is still undecided, so now I plan, and pack 😉

Hamdulilla, God really is Great! I am still healthy and look to the future!


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