Tea Pot Cozy


You’d think that if I’m working and trying to get packed why in the world would I start a new project.

Well I have to “blame” it on a young lady named Alice at http://crochethealingandraymond.wordpress.com/   “Crochet with Raymond

She has the most wonderfully inspiring blog about Crocheting and the colors are just amazing!

I love tea and coffee too, which is another way I got interested and I also have a cat, but mine is a girly, girl.

Anyway, I’m going to add some pics by phone since my new (antique) cpu doesn’t have a “___ing” media port to put my memory card into with or without an adapter! I’m going to have to get off my duff and save a little money and just buy one 😛

I’m going to be 51 in October this year and it has occurred to me that I’ve been crocheting since I was a young girl, probably about 8 or 9.  Then I got interested in boys and forgot about it for a while, but have always come back to it.  In my twenties I realized I had a pretty wide creative streak because I was an F-15 Hydraulics troop in the USAF, that’s the United States Air Force for those who may not know 😉 and I did embroidery on my jeans as a teenager and sewing and auto mechanics and in my late twenties, during my second child’s pregnancy I was living in Germany with my, now deceased, husband, when I learned how to knit.  It didn’t stick then.  I finally taught myself how again in 2006 in the European style just before my father passed away of prostate cancer.  It was a very useful tool at that time for my hands so I didn’t smoke so much. I kept knitting even thought I couldn’t really use a pattern at that time so I would just do “free style” and make my own sweater patterns.

I’ve since learned very much about knitting, but am happy to know there is sooooo much more to learn.  It actually helped me to overcome my addiction to nicotine after 8 tries and roughly 30 years. I did gain 20 lbs, but lost it pretty quick and have managed to keep it off.

So the point is that I’m in this “I WANT to crochet something mood”and I have the usual tub of left over yarn that we all have, so why not something useful AND pretty, thank you Alice.

Pictures to be added soon.

Note: The colors are a little muted because they match the tea-pot that is part of a setting for 12 with service pieces, no less, from my step-Mom, ex-wife #3.


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