Hamdulilla! I’ve been doing the Temp Service assignment for two weeks and they’ve extended it a couple more days while they try to find another assignment for me.

It’s strange to enjoy being a part of the “Rat Race” but I am enjoying being a useful member of society and being able to do my job without worrying that if I land a permanent position will I be able to keep going. Now the only thing that could hinder me would be if the car needed work, but I’m making all attempts to keep her up and running by maintaining all the fluids and I’ll be needing a tune up and oil change any time now with the driving I’ve been doing.

It’s money happily spent when she runs so well 😀 the first and highest is the vacuuming and recharging of the A/C since I replaced the low pressure valve. IA, that will be all it needs, Please Lord!! lol

Ok, got get to the cutting and sleeping



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