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New Knitting Project


 This is the current project I am obsessed with.  I am very much enjoying it.  It turns out that I’m dyslexic or something 😛 Not really, I guess it probably had a lot to do with the fact I was in a room with a three year old grand child that was climbing on my furniture and my powers of concentration weren’t up to the task.  I had the right number of stitches cast on but couldn’t for the life of me be sure that they were in the right order, etc.  

As you can see I did finally get my ducks in order after pulling all of the stitches out 4 maybe five times down to the ribbing. Then I was home free.  I had a couple of false starts with the cables, but that was also operator error, lol.

I am using Michael’s Crafts yarn, Loops & Threads, in True Gray that can be obtained here. The yardage/Meters and yarn content is also available.  I use yarns like this when making children’s garments because I want them to be worn and that means they will be washed A LOT and these less expensive substitutes are made to stand up to the abuse.

Alright, gotta crash to be up by 5:40am. I’ll post on the progress, about to begin the shawl collar soon.  It looks very different from any projects I’ve done to date as  she hasn’t had me put any stitches on holders for the arms. It appears we’re going to be creating them and then attaching…..Hope I can follow

Good night.

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And Another Thing…

When my relationship ended and I moved to North Carolina, I first had to donate my library, and I do mean “Library”.  It was a ROOM of books.  I am slowly, but surely re-acquiring them, but in e-book format.  Those are carried VERY easily.

While I have been doing the many things denoted in my previous posts of today I was also consuming the written word. I did not mistype that. When I find something that I am going to take time to actually read I usually “consume” it.

I had the pleasure of inhaling Deborah Harkness‘ first book, A Discovery of Witches, which was in paperback and given to me. I then promptly got the second one in the All Souls Trilogy, Shadows of Night, in digital format (lighter) so now, because I’m a voracious reader I’m chomping at the bit for the next one, lol. 

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1)               Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy #2)

As  it turns out I also literally stumbled onto another new, to me, author.  Lara Adrian who writes the Midnight Breed Series.  I read a free little novella connecting one of her books to the next one and was hooked!   Of course, I just read the #10, completely out of order not realizing there were so many, so now I wait yet again……

                                      Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed Series #10)

Then there’s the series I have been reading for years, literally, since I was 21 or so while in the USAF.  She was one of the first female Science Fiction writers and one of her first pieces was published in the year I was born, 1961.

The incomparable, Anne McCaffrey and later her son, Todd McCaffrey. I was and am, now especially, trying not to inhale this last book of the last series that Anne actually participated in writing.

                                                                Dragon's Time (Dragonriders of Pern Series)Sky Dragons (Dragonriders of Pern Series)

* I would officially like to express my extreme displeasure toward any of the so called Critics that have recently had nothing but negative remarks about Mr. McCaffrey’s work. As one of the very well acquainted fans of both of their works, you can kiss my grits!

Sorry, needed to get that off of my chest.

Of the few actual books I still lug around in boxes, without complaint, of course are Anne/Todd McCaffrey books and my next all time favorite authors, that I have actually reread the series on (embarrassed to admit) MANY times when craving something engrossing to read, are;

1. Lisanne Norman – The Sholan Alliance Series

Turning Point (Sholan Alliance Series #1)       Fortune's Wheel (Sholan Alliance Series #2)       Fire Margins (Sholan Alliance Series #3)     Razor's Edge (Sholan Alliance Series #4)       Dark Nadir (Sholan Alliance Series #5)    Stronghold Rising (Sholan Alliance Series #6)  Between Darkness and Light (Sholan Alliance Series #7)      Shades of Gray (Sholan Alliance Series #8)

2. Diana Gabaldon – The Outlander Series

Outlander (Outlander Series #1)   Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander Series #2)  Voyager (Outlander Series #3)  Drums of Autumn (Outlander Series #4)    The Fiery Cross (Outlander Series #5)    A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander Series #6)    An Echo in the Bone (Outlander Series #7)

I am currently engrossed in the last, An Echo In The Bone.

As with so many of the characters in Anne’s books we fall in love with these “people” and pray for their safe passage through time into history.  In the series of Mrs. Gabaldon’s, we the readers find ourselves holding our breath collectively because this new adventure is well known to many of us who are lovers of history, and the revolutionary war particularly is fraught with so many intricate twists and turns.

It has just occured to me that quite a few of my favorite authors are actually Historians with PhD’s and are Professors to boot.  I am also a major fan of Orson Scot Card, of which my son and I have a few signed books that, yes, I still carry around too 😉

I am also a fan of W.E.B. Griffin’s, The Aviators, which started with the Corps. My Father was 101st Airborne and I was the only one to follow into the Military, of his four offspring. I chose The United States Air Force. I fixed the perfectly good air planes they jumped out of, lol. Daddy got me hooked on this series while I was riding around  the country with him in his 18 wheeler.

Semper Fi (Corps Series #1)

Geeeee Whizzzz, talk about going off on a tangent, oh well, it was fun.

Such fond memories….

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September 8, 2012 · 11:05 PM

One Last Goodbye

I had the pleasure of meeting one, Mrs. Emma L. Spence at the young age of 91, while I was doing the driving for my Step-Mom, Rachel, back in June of 2011. (The Lady in Red) She is the mother of Rachel’s first husband and pretty much her “Mom”. 

Grandma Spence and Rachel 2010

Some people have a lasting effect on you, you know.  She had me doing the driving when we went out to lunch while we were there and tried to tell me that she wasn’t as sharp as she once was.  I laughed and told her she wasn’t fooling me. She was giving me instructions on how to get around the base and then the town and even where to park, lol.  She was one sharp lady, let me tell you.

The reason for this post is to say my very fond farewells and GOD’S SPEED. I know how much she missed every one already on the other side and she was ready to go when last I spoke with her, but she would abide by the Lords will and wait until he said she could come.  She was officially diagnosed with lymphoma and refused to do anything about it. It was either discovered too late or when it was it was in the last stages.

She slipped away peacefully, I’m told, late last night.  She will be missed.

I am a richer person for having been in her presence if only for a mere week in 2010.                                                                                                     

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My Proposed Projects

This is my next project. 

Grandpa Cardigan

Click here for the website and pattern

I think I’ve purchased the right amount of yarn. I usually can’t afford the yarn suggested by the designers, but I do pretty good with my substitutes 😀

If it comes out as good as it looks, almost always, operator errors are to blame when they don’t, I will be making a FEW of these since all of the grand children up till now are male.  I’m praying for PINK yarn for the one still in the “oven”,  due in November from Jacques and Holli.

My next proposed project will be,

A little something for me, hopefully before its too cool.  I would like to wear it in North Carolina maybe for Christmas…. wishful thinking, IA, A girl can hope 😉 Again, I couldn’t afford the intended yarn so I started by buying one of these                    

     Fishermen's Wool<SUP>®</SUP>         Cobblestone   

(click pictures for sites)

 because I know I can get more easily and it’ll match. I know because I did it for Jacques when I made the Jared  Flood – Cobblestone sweater for him one year (right).

Don’t get me started on that young man, what a gifted person, amazing! Click here to go to his Awesome site. He’s even gotten his own line of yarns. I’d kill to be able to afford LOTS of that stuff!! lol. It’s not over priced, don’t misunderstand, I’m just not in that income bracket. They are SOOOO worth it though 😛

Alrighty then, now that I’ve come back from wool heaven, the next project I hope to do or maybe sooner is this shawl by another talented young man that I think may have a pattern in one of Jared’s new pattern books.

Boneyard Shawl By Stephen West

Of course, there are the projects that I haven’t quite finished.  The hat that is almost finished shouldn’t be much longer.

I’m sure I’ll be working on the red,black,and gray Entrelac until I am overwhelmed with the need to finish it so I can give it to her before Christmas. Lol, I hate it when I can’t stay interested even thought I love that project, who knows. 

I know, right? Nothing for a couple months then and explosion of words.  The truth is that this is the first opportunity I’ve had that I could sit in front of my computer and not do something that NEEDED doing and didn’t NEED to sleep, lol.

If anyone cares, I’ll try not to be so lame in the future.


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While Knitting I also….

While Knitting

I was also packing for the 6th time since May of 2010 when I, and my then, SO of 15  years agreed to peacefully separate. I feel very lucky that he and I didn’t end our relationship by saying mean things to one another. I personally will have pleasant memories of him. He grew up into a very admirable man.

So there I was packing again expecting to put all of my things into storage, camp at my other Step-Mom’s house to save the extraordinary amount of money to move my small apartment of whittled down possessions/furniture into a U-Haul with a car dolly on the back.  The Universe had other ideas…. For reasons of privacy I wont go into detail, suffice it to say that my Daughter unexpectedly needed a roommate.

In retrospect, it really is funny. I contracted the indoor, air conditioned storage space for a very reasonable price and had it nearly full when everything changed. Imaging how it must have looked to someone looking into my life with out the benefit of “knowing” what was going on.  This chick moves her stuff into a storage unit, then in less than a month, moves it all out again, lol.

Thank God for dollies and elevators!! I will never move to the second floor again!!!! Unless I can PAY SOMEONE to move my stuff up there!

While I was doing that I was fielding quite a few of my customers that didn’t understand that I couldn’t labor in their homes all day AND labor for myself all night at the same time, lol.

Immediately following that I then moved into the new place, doing a ridiculous amount of labor again, Thank God for Nephews! Love you Nik! That is one hoty, anyway, then just as all of that fell into place and we got ourselves mostly “in” and organized Ramadan began.

For me Ramadan is a blessedly profitable time, also a crazy schedule. There are all the customers that need the house presentable before Iftar dinner, and before Eid. Not to mention the Tarawih at night that I so want to go to, but can’t stand for more than an hour by that time of night.  It really is a blessing to be in demand, but by the time the season is over one feels like the walking dead, lol.

Life has finally settled back down again and into a pleasant rhythm


We moved to the second floor from the second floor. Prices usually dictate whether  you do or not unfortunately.

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Life @ The Speed of Light


Lets see, I’ve completed a couple of projects in the “spare” minuets I get “in between” whatever else I’m doing at any given moment.  I try to knit, occasionally crochet, when ever I am not in motion.

Since I quit smoking three years ago I am actually “still” only periodically.  In retrospect, I think the more accurate statement would be that when I am sitting down and not eating or on the computer I’m usually knitting.  When I was a smoker I actually had to stop knitting/crocheting to smoke because I REFUSED to let the dang thing hang out of my face.  I would often find my dictation allowing it to happen and then I’d make myself stop.

A young man, my first love actually, once told me when I was about 18, that it looked trashy to have it, hanging out of my mouth, lol.  A lot of commas in that sentence, but I think in broken lines of thought, hence the commas 😛

So here are some of the projects I’ve been working on

What a pain in the butt!!! This is not as user friendly as Blogger! I’m seriously considering going back, damn it!

Anyway, as you can see I’ve been doing quite a few.

Far right – every last yard by Indigirl.  It wasn’t supposed to be a peplum, but I took the lace fern stich out six times and it came out that way no matter how I changed it so it’s a good thing I like peplums, lol. Pattern link

Second right – A hat and scarf for one of my customers just because she’s a sweetie.

Second from left – I’m ashamed to say I’ve probably been working on this, on and off for a good six months, but in my defense it most certainly isn’t portable, and I also moved, lol. It’s a request for the Mommy of my Son’s two boys, not to be confused with his new wife 😉

Left – I made the hat and wristers in June while I was doing the temp position at Zurich and started the Entrelac cowl (my design) then the yearly rush of Ramadan came.  I’m still carrying it around, but I alternate between it and the hat and scarf for the sweetie.

Enough for today, I’m lounging before the weekend is over and I’m back to my responsibilities.

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