My Proposed Projects

This is my next project. 

Grandpa Cardigan

Click here for the website and pattern

I think I’ve purchased the right amount of yarn. I usually can’t afford the yarn suggested by the designers, but I do pretty good with my substitutes 😀

If it comes out as good as it looks, almost always, operator errors are to blame when they don’t, I will be making a FEW of these since all of the grand children up till now are male.  I’m praying for PINK yarn for the one still in the “oven”,  due in November from Jacques and Holli.

My next proposed project will be,

A little something for me, hopefully before its too cool.  I would like to wear it in North Carolina maybe for Christmas…. wishful thinking, IA, A girl can hope 😉 Again, I couldn’t afford the intended yarn so I started by buying one of these                    

     Fishermen's Wool<SUP>®</SUP>         Cobblestone   

(click pictures for sites)

 because I know I can get more easily and it’ll match. I know because I did it for Jacques when I made the Jared  Flood – Cobblestone sweater for him one year (right).

Don’t get me started on that young man, what a gifted person, amazing! Click here to go to his Awesome site. He’s even gotten his own line of yarns. I’d kill to be able to afford LOTS of that stuff!! lol. It’s not over priced, don’t misunderstand, I’m just not in that income bracket. They are SOOOO worth it though 😛

Alrighty then, now that I’ve come back from wool heaven, the next project I hope to do or maybe sooner is this shawl by another talented young man that I think may have a pattern in one of Jared’s new pattern books.

Boneyard Shawl By Stephen West

Of course, there are the projects that I haven’t quite finished.  The hat that is almost finished shouldn’t be much longer.

I’m sure I’ll be working on the red,black,and gray Entrelac until I am overwhelmed with the need to finish it so I can give it to her before Christmas. Lol, I hate it when I can’t stay interested even thought I love that project, who knows. 

I know, right? Nothing for a couple months then and explosion of words.  The truth is that this is the first opportunity I’ve had that I could sit in front of my computer and not do something that NEEDED doing and didn’t NEED to sleep, lol.

If anyone cares, I’ll try not to be so lame in the future.



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