Life @ The Speed of Light


Lets see, I’ve completed a couple of projects in the “spare” minuets I get “in between” whatever else I’m doing at any given moment.  I try to knit, occasionally crochet, when ever I am not in motion.

Since I quit smoking three years ago I am actually “still” only periodically.  In retrospect, I think the more accurate statement would be that when I am sitting down and not eating or on the computer I’m usually knitting.  When I was a smoker I actually had to stop knitting/crocheting to smoke because I REFUSED to let the dang thing hang out of my face.  I would often find my dictation allowing it to happen and then I’d make myself stop.

A young man, my first love actually, once told me when I was about 18, that it looked trashy to have it, hanging out of my mouth, lol.  A lot of commas in that sentence, but I think in broken lines of thought, hence the commas 😛

So here are some of the projects I’ve been working on

What a pain in the butt!!! This is not as user friendly as Blogger! I’m seriously considering going back, damn it!

Anyway, as you can see I’ve been doing quite a few.

Far right – every last yard by Indigirl.  It wasn’t supposed to be a peplum, but I took the lace fern stich out six times and it came out that way no matter how I changed it so it’s a good thing I like peplums, lol. Pattern link

Second right – A hat and scarf for one of my customers just because she’s a sweetie.

Second from left – I’m ashamed to say I’ve probably been working on this, on and off for a good six months, but in my defense it most certainly isn’t portable, and I also moved, lol. It’s a request for the Mommy of my Son’s two boys, not to be confused with his new wife 😉

Left – I made the hat and wristers in June while I was doing the temp position at Zurich and started the Entrelac cowl (my design) then the yearly rush of Ramadan came.  I’m still carrying it around, but I alternate between it and the hat and scarf for the sweetie.

Enough for today, I’m lounging before the weekend is over and I’m back to my responsibilities.


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