One Last Goodbye

I had the pleasure of meeting one, Mrs. Emma L. Spence at the young age of 91, while I was doing the driving for my Step-Mom, Rachel, back in June of 2011. (The Lady in Red) She is the mother of Rachel’s first husband and pretty much her “Mom”. 

Grandma Spence and Rachel 2010

Some people have a lasting effect on you, you know.  She had me doing the driving when we went out to lunch while we were there and tried to tell me that she wasn’t as sharp as she once was.  I laughed and told her she wasn’t fooling me. She was giving me instructions on how to get around the base and then the town and even where to park, lol.  She was one sharp lady, let me tell you.

The reason for this post is to say my very fond farewells and GOD’S SPEED. I know how much she missed every one already on the other side and she was ready to go when last I spoke with her, but she would abide by the Lords will and wait until he said she could come.  She was officially diagnosed with lymphoma and refused to do anything about it. It was either discovered too late or when it was it was in the last stages.

She slipped away peacefully, I’m told, late last night.  She will be missed.

I am a richer person for having been in her presence if only for a mere week in 2010.                                                                                                     


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