While Knitting I also….

While Knitting

I was also packing for the 6th time since May of 2010 when I, and my then, SO of 15  years agreed to peacefully separate. I feel very lucky that he and I didn’t end our relationship by saying mean things to one another. I personally will have pleasant memories of him. He grew up into a very admirable man.

So there I was packing again expecting to put all of my things into storage, camp at my other Step-Mom’s house to save the extraordinary amount of money to move my small apartment of whittled down possessions/furniture into a U-Haul with a car dolly on the back.  The Universe had other ideas…. For reasons of privacy I wont go into detail, suffice it to say that my Daughter unexpectedly needed a roommate.

In retrospect, it really is funny. I contracted the indoor, air conditioned storage space for a very reasonable price and had it nearly full when everything changed. Imaging how it must have looked to someone looking into my life with out the benefit of “knowing” what was going on.  This chick moves her stuff into a storage unit, then in less than a month, moves it all out again, lol.

Thank God for dollies and elevators!! I will never move to the second floor again!!!! Unless I can PAY SOMEONE to move my stuff up there!

While I was doing that I was fielding quite a few of my customers that didn’t understand that I couldn’t labor in their homes all day AND labor for myself all night at the same time, lol.

Immediately following that I then moved into the new place, doing a ridiculous amount of labor again, Thank God for Nephews! Love you Nik! That is one hoty, anyway, then just as all of that fell into place and we got ourselves mostly “in” and organized Ramadan began.

For me Ramadan is a blessedly profitable time, also a crazy schedule. There are all the customers that need the house presentable before Iftar dinner, and before Eid. Not to mention the Tarawih at night that I so want to go to, but can’t stand for more than an hour by that time of night.  It really is a blessing to be in demand, but by the time the season is over one feels like the walking dead, lol.

Life has finally settled back down again and into a pleasant rhythm


We moved to the second floor from the second floor. Prices usually dictate whether  you do or not unfortunately.


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