New Knitting Project


 This is the current project I am obsessed with.  I am very much enjoying it.  It turns out that I’m dyslexic or something 😛 Not really, I guess it probably had a lot to do with the fact I was in a room with a three year old grand child that was climbing on my furniture and my powers of concentration weren’t up to the task.  I had the right number of stitches cast on but couldn’t for the life of me be sure that they were in the right order, etc.  

As you can see I did finally get my ducks in order after pulling all of the stitches out 4 maybe five times down to the ribbing. Then I was home free.  I had a couple of false starts with the cables, but that was also operator error, lol.

I am using Michael’s Crafts yarn, Loops & Threads, in True Gray that can be obtained here. The yardage/Meters and yarn content is also available.  I use yarns like this when making children’s garments because I want them to be worn and that means they will be washed A LOT and these less expensive substitutes are made to stand up to the abuse.

Alright, gotta crash to be up by 5:40am. I’ll post on the progress, about to begin the shawl collar soon.  It looks very different from any projects I’ve done to date as  she hasn’t had me put any stitches on holders for the arms. It appears we’re going to be creating them and then attaching…..Hope I can follow

Good night.


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