What a year!

My son, the soon to be CNA!

My son, the soon to be CNA!

My daughter, the new section supervisor.

My daughter, the new section supervisor.


The little man in question. Napping ❤ under another of my creations.

This year has had so many changes, most of them good.

Last year when my son learned of his son’s Leukemia, it was the catalyst that put into motion much of what has been happening in all of our lives.

At that time, my daughter and I pretty much decided that as soon as we where able we where moving to were my son and his family lived.  We all wanted to be together for support with the added bonus of being in a beautiful part of our country.

I was blessed with a very good temporary position that enabled me to save the extra money I needed to move and I earned a bonus on top which was a very welcome boon for one relocating to another city over 600 miles away.

Before I actually moved I was blessed to find an apartment, online,  that is very comfortable and in a great area too 😀 This enabled me to simply arrive and move in.  I got a two bedroom so I could have space for my computer stuff/desk and my sewing and knitting/crochet supplies.

After I was here for almost two months, my daughter called to ask if she and her family could come and stay with me until they got jobs.  Another blessing, they both got jobs almost right away and she only worked for maybe three days before the company realized what a jem they had and offered her a supervisor position.

My son decided to attend CNA classes and is doing so well there is a very high probability he’ll be offered a position where he is doing his clinicals or by one of the Doctors he sees often in his current position.

The young man, Xander, that has mobilized us all is doing very well.  He sometimes has a low white cell count, but, Hamdulilla, recovers. Thanks to him, our family is all in the same city for the first time in many years, yet another blessing.

I hope Allah doesn’t mind hearing thank you so often, I can’t help it.  There is so much to look forward to.

I forgot! There is another blessing for me,  I have been offered a permanent position with a world-wide German company with a  local office.  I begin training on Monday. I’m hopeful.  They offer all of the benefits a girl could ask for at a good rate.



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