Stuff happens!

I declare! I think it’s a test to see if I can handle frustration gracefully.

Oh Allah, I will do my best to get right back on the bicycle and start over.

I have completed the first week of training, feeling pretty comfy with what is expected of me.  While driving back and forth my car had begun to make a strange noise.  I was thinking, yep, going to loose the AC, thankfully, here it’s not an absolute necessity as it is in Florida and we are experiencing a very pleasant August.

I was thankful to have made it through the week and hoped I could do something about it after I got paid on the coming Thursday.  My daughter and I with grandchild in tow, went out to do a little running around, got into the car, turned it on and it made a terrible sound of screaming belts for about 5 seconds before I turned it right back off.  Then there was smoke (insert big eyes here). Put my “auto stuff gloves” on and opened the hood, the smoke had already begun to dissipate.  The belt turned out to be broken, not a big deal.  I had been expecting the AC compressor to seize and it finally did.

I wasn’t too worried about it having had a similar experience once before. My son-in-law came home from work and they went to the parts store and groceries.  Turns out I’ll need $70 to fix it, which is not a problem, we just pull it out and reroute the belts.  Problem is that I won’t have the money before Thurs so I’m out of work again 😛

The training is something that you really can’t miss or you’ll be lost.  Hopefully they will let me get into the next training course or  maybe I’ll get a job doing what I’m already in debt for having learned in college 😛


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