SNAFU – Situation Normal, All Fouled Up


The Dang Blasted 😛

Wouldn’t ya know it, I declare!

Oh well, stuff happens. Then you get up and do it again.

I was paid as expected, got the parts to replace the compressor pulley and the dang blasted thing is giving us the devil’s own time coming out.  Should have been R squared today.  I’ve got a bad feeling about these two mount bolts.  Tomorrow the son-in-law goes back to the parts store, after work,  and hopefully gets another tool to help us get them out. Can’t use a tap set in there where the dang thing is, it’s too close. We’ve been spraying the seeping lubricant.  The car was made in 1996, so they’ve probably been in there ever since.

It’s like when you fly a jet, the G’s you pull really set some of those B nuts in there, takes an act of God to loosen them sometimes. Same thing, over time vibration, push and pull…

Technically I have another job, gotta wait for the background to come back, no worries there.  Some time next week, so I really need the dang part outta there!

Sleep now…

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