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The New Job

Well, I got the job.  It’s not what I went to school for, and am in debt up to my nickers for, but a girl’s gotta eat.  It’ll do for now and I can always use the exercise. Doing “Door to Floor” for JCPenney, means unpacking products from corporate, organizing and restocking the floor.  It keeps you quite busy throughout the whole shift and the time passes quickly. I’ve only worked twice, so I don’t really know, but it starts very early an finishes early most of the time.  I’m sure the upcoming holidays will be “fun”.

I don’t mind interacting with the public especially when you consider I’ve been an Administrative Assistant for years and do it well.  I just have to be patient and pray that the job I really want will call.  Who knows, maybe God has other plans.

In the mean time, I’ve finished the Palms Spring Shawl for myself in the Fern.



And I’ve bought the yarn for Tiylor’s Gramps child sweater, like the one I did for Xander.  Tiylor’s has to be in something other than natural fiber as he did NOT like Xander’s when I asked him to try the hat to see if it would fit a child’s head.  He said “This is itchy Noni!”  Well it saves money, but I wanted it to be warm 😛  Oh well 😉

I’ll be casting on shortly.



The colors are soooo much more rich in reality. I used natural light too, stuff happens 😛

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