SNAFU Update

As it turns out, we, my son-in-law and I, spoke with my ex-brother-in-law about our difficulties and he suggested simply leaving the compressor in until we could cut the bolts off and getting a much shorter belt and checking to see if it could do the required job without rubbing anything else in the system the wrong way.

What a blessing, talk about answering prayers when you get off your duff and ask, lol.  The night before I sent a quick email to the pastor teaching a class I attend at the local church to see if anyone lived in my area. I was getting pretty depressed and wanted to go to church.  I got a call the next morning and a classmate came to get me.  She suggested I ask the prayer group to pray for an answer. I swear, just before the worship ended my son-in-law tried to call me, then texted.  He said to call asap, so I was worried and went out to return his call, that’s when he told me that my brother-in-law called.  When I got home, he said he’d been thinking about ways to get passed our problem, and he and my brother in law had come up with the same idea.

Any way, it actually worked! My car is back up and running although there is no A/C 😦

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