The New Job I WANTED

If you know me or follow me, you know that I have been transitioning in recent years.  I have been working very hard to get qualified to be able to earn a permanent position.

I have recently had a couple of very nice, life affirming events, and one kind of bummer.  Bummer first, lol.  My Daughter and her  family followed me here about 1.5 months after I arrived.  It was a little tight for me, but probably quite a bit for them since they shared a bedroom, but with it’s own bathroom though. It was the first time in at least eight years that both of my children and their children were all in the same state. They have decided to go back to Florida and I am missing her very much even though I know they have to do what is  best for their family.  I am enjoying having my place back to myself, but, still missing her 😛

My Son graduated in the top 2% of his class and has been blessed with a new job that he loves.  It has greatly improved his overall outlook on life, and who can blame him, after all, less struggle, more togetherness, more happiness 😉

I have finally been offered a full time, long term position. Since I’m not actually working for the parent company, I’m not considered permanent, but it’s almost as good with great benefits.  I’ve not done this specific job before so I am slightly apprehensive, but excited to meet new challenges. I am one of those that will work very hard to measure up.  I also try very hard to be at or preferably, above the learning curve in most things.

The title is On-Site Program  Liaison. Which means, I use my company’s contract employee suppliers to fulfill any needs in the parent company and maintain any files relating to the contract employees, myself included presumably, since technically, I am one of them.  It’s pretty straight forward, but the trick is learning the system and how best to meet the demands on time!

I have also been doing all kinds of knitting projects between my temporary assignments, since arriving in Asheville. My last temporary assignment was with the Asheville Citizen Times.  I very much enjoyed that one and they did too 😀

I have recently gotten a few of my creations into a local shop to be sold.  This is very exciting for me because it was one of my initial goals before arriving here.

for sale in Home Crafts 212-2013_Set for Missy$75 First dog sweater 2013 Molly

The purple set are in the window at the shop down town, the red set, yes, it’s red, are sold already! The little puppy sweater for Miss Molly is my first one.  I looked at quite a few patterns on  Revelry and finally decided on an amalgamation of a few of them.

I also finished a few of projects I was working on;

  IMG_1042[1]  Thneed for Jude 2013 2

The finished sweater for Xander, a little shawl for around the house, and Jude’s Thneed!

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  1. As it turns out, after this post, I went into the shop and found that the purple set had also been sold. Nice!

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