More Finishing up

The new year is also  bringing a new apartment.  It’s not far, just across the parking lot, and is a three bedroom. Which means that while I’m learning the new job I will be packing too!   Blessings abound!  I completed a gift for my daughter and one of her friends’ mother saw it and has commissioned me to make her daughter one too. Being able to earn more money is also a blessing.

I’ll be needing the extra space for my step-mom and also to still have an office, crafting room and the new one has a sun room which I am in dire need of for my plants since the complex doesn’t seem to have patios and its facing the right direction for hours of sun.  I did the reservation papers on Monday, I was so relieved.  Being a little on the OCD side, I need to have solid plans, not the iffy kind.  Now I can get to packing in earnest 😀

One the last day of 2013 and the first day of 2014 I made these;

EV purse 2 EV purse 3a EV wallet 4 EV wallet 5 EV wallet 6 EV wallet-Purse

While I was in Tn  in November, I saw the sugar skull material in the local Walmart.  My daughter is a serious collector of sugar skulls.  I was unable to make them before she left to go back to Florida.  So as soon as I’d finished my other commitments, knitting, I started on these.  I’d never made a wallet before and this one was so easy.  I am very pleased with the way both of them turned out.  My daughter was too, which is more important. The only thing the wallet is missing is a change purse….figurin……I did see a tutorial for a zipper compartment, gotta find it for the one I’ll make for me 😉

This is where I got the wallet pattern;

This is where I got the purse pattern;

Well since the morrow brings work, I’ll be finishing up my Veggie Chili, my creation, and a bit of house keeping, then making lunch for work.  I have to go over some notes to be properly prepared.

IMG_1675[1] IMG_1673[1]The chili with a dollop of sour cream makes the spice so nice 😉

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