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Hmmmmm, where to begin…

 I have found that I often begin posts with that sentence. Usually because life has been moving too fast to do more than post a few words to Facebook or Instagram and Twitter via Instagram.

The job in January lasted until May, at which time the company the group of us were hired for decided that they probably should have personnel who are trained in HR in those slots, and hey, you, my employers, will come to the site and train them for a WEEK! Lol, oh well, live and learn.

I met a gentleman a couple of days after I started in January, actually four days later.  We mostly see each other on weekends and it works for us.  Sometimes we just gotta see each other during the week.  We’re so much alike it’s kind of scary, both military vets and close in age, but he was Army where I was Air Force  😛

My daughter and family came back and will be staying 😀  Now both of my children and their families and myself are all in the same geographical area again.  I am a very happy camper most of the time.

The step-mother that I got the larger apartment for turned out to NOT be who she once was. She had become a serious Goodwill/Salvation Army hoarder.  Amazing how much STUFF you can get into the master suite of an apartment. I was perceived to be the evil step-daughter, I was informed 😦

To be fair, I am OCD a bit. I won’t have things brought into my home that have bugs in them or that are water damaged, no matter how pretty they use to be at one time 😛 No sarcasm at all and I cannot deal with every spare inch to be filled with unnecessary knick knacks, (STUFF)!  

When my daughter and family returned to the area it was agreed they would stay with us for a short time to save money for their own place.  My step mom started saying things to my own daughter about me until my daughter had to tell her not to say anything else about me to her.  My son-in-law had to say the same thing the next week.  When it became apparent we were a strong family unit, she befriended a younger woman in the complex and ended up moving in with her.  Of course, this left me hanging with a much higher rent and no job. 

I pretty much stopped communicating with her after she left unless she came over because I was so surprised and hurt.  I’m not rude, but I am no longer at her disposal.  I’m told her son came and got her with a u-haul trailer.  The last roommate is very relieved, but had to replace quite a few things as she took some of her things too. I think her memory has really deteriorated  since she also took all of my glass bakeware, and  she hardly bakes, mostly fries.  I, however, bake OFTEN. One of them was my Mother’s so it’s painful.

For the first time in my life, I had to apply for unemployment.  I have been interviewing and doing assignments for the staffing agency that employed me last fall, so we were getting by, but my pension isn’t enough and we are blessed with a management team that are finding a new tenant so I won’t be in breach of my contract 😀

I am hopeful and my daughter and husband are working, as is my son in his new career, both of my children’s, eldest children will be starting school for the first time very soon, and I am loved by my gentleman and we are an even stronger family. We were always blessed to be close, but I think we all appreciate each other even more after these experiences. None of us were unaffected by her behavior. 


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