About Me


Heloo, I’m Kat,  Elders is my maiden name, hence the listing.  I am a Mom, Military Widow, US Air Force Veteran, Noni=Grandmother, Muslima, Sister, Daughter and Step daughter and step-sister 😀  All the usual hats.  Involuntarily single, but I am hopeful.

I often post in spurts because there are so many things going on and I’m also job hunting  😀  << I use a lot of smiles because you can’t see me being silly or grinning.

Here you will find ALL kinds of things that are related to my life’s events;

Food – Which I love since quitting cigarettes in 2010!

Crocheting – Which I have done since childhood and am just getting good at.

Knitting – I taught myself in 2006 to help with the eventual quitting of cigarettes and no I am actually 10 lbs lighter than before I quit.   Yes, I did initially blow up, but it freaked me out so bad I started trying to lose it two months after I quit.

Sewing – Which I have done since just before I became widowed in 1988, originally on a trundle Singer sewing machine in Germany while my husband was stationed there.  We’re Air Force.

Needle Crafts – Needle point, cross stitch, embroidery….

I had two children, a boy and a girl.  They are both adults, and married, with children, and one female feline, and pretty much the center of my life.

> insert big smile here<

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