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More Finishing up

The new year is also  bringing a new apartment.  It’s not far, just across the parking lot, and is a three bedroom. Which means that while I’m learning the new job I will be packing too!   Blessings abound!  I completed a gift for my daughter and one of her friends’ mother saw it and has commissioned me to make her daughter one too. Being able to earn more money is also a blessing.

I’ll be needing the extra space for my step-mom and also to still have an office, crafting room and the new one has a sun room which I am in dire need of for my plants since the complex doesn’t seem to have patios and its facing the right direction for hours of sun.  I did the reservation papers on Monday, I was so relieved.  Being a little on the OCD side, I need to have solid plans, not the iffy kind.  Now I can get to packing in earnest 😀

One the last day of 2013 and the first day of 2014 I made these;

EV purse 2 EV purse 3a EV wallet 4 EV wallet 5 EV wallet 6 EV wallet-Purse

While I was in Tn  in November, I saw the sugar skull material in the local Walmart.  My daughter is a serious collector of sugar skulls.  I was unable to make them before she left to go back to Florida.  So as soon as I’d finished my other commitments, knitting, I started on these.  I’d never made a wallet before and this one was so easy.  I am very pleased with the way both of them turned out.  My daughter was too, which is more important. The only thing the wallet is missing is a change purse….figurin……I did see a tutorial for a zipper compartment, gotta find it for the one I’ll make for me 😉

This is where I got the wallet pattern;

This is where I got the purse pattern;

Well since the morrow brings work, I’ll be finishing up my Veggie Chili, my creation, and a bit of house keeping, then making lunch for work.  I have to go over some notes to be properly prepared.

IMG_1675[1] IMG_1673[1]The chili with a dollop of sour cream makes the spice so nice 😉

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Perks of Unemployment


I am technically unemployed, even though I didn’t quit.  Because the compressor blew on Saturday I can’t replace/or reroute until I have the money to, being this Thursday, I was considered no longer employed because I would have missed too many days.

I was actually bummed, even though I didn’t want to do customer service for a really great bank in a call center.  I was more than happy to give it a good try especially considering the benefits.

Thankfully, my phone is ringing again 😀  Interview on Thursday, my daughter will let me use hers.

In the meantime I am once again making progress on the Feather and Fan scarf after having finished the sweater for sweet Xander . The only thing missing from it are the buttons.  After going through my extensive stash of buttons, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will have to buy some.  I want to get the ones that look like the leather ones you’d see on a “nice” sweater.  I guess, technically, it is a nice sweater since it’s a very nice wool/Angora mix.

Gramps Sweater

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Exceeding the “No More Than Three” rule of thumb

Back when I started knitting, one of the “good for you” rules of thumb was to NOT have any more than three project going at one time. Every time I catch myself wanting to start another one, I think about which one I could finish real quick to be able to start another one, lol.

I think the hat is going to be very nice and snuggly.  It’s my first hat so it’s not very “pretty”, but they’ll get better 😉


Not felted yet.

Not felted yet.

Not right Thneed
Not right Thneed


The felted version.

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This week’s projects



Afghan swatches



This is the Gramps Cardigan from Tin Can Knits and a kind of swatch/sample of an afghan I’m thinking about making.  The pattern for the Gramps cardi can be found here.

I used these yarns on the Gramps Cardi;

Cascade Yarn – Alpaca Lana D’Oro in 1050 for the body.

Ella Rae Classic Heathers – 122 Iron Heather for the accents.

The swatch was from my stash again;

The light pink and light green (fern) are Loops & Threads from Michael’s

The others are Red Heart Solids.

I’m trying to decide if I want a large granny square or a ripple without openings….decisions, decisions, lol.


I think I’m leaning toward the ripples….

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The Granny Ripple Blanket

I stumbled across this blanket/afghan on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  The tutorial and “pattern” can be found here.

Because I am just hired, meaning no misc. budget, I am using a lot of my OLD stash which is Red Heart.  You know the drill, acrylic, durable, very washable AND I’ve had it for EVER, lol.  At any rate, I have a lot of it and my fingers and brain jumped on it, so the pictures are below.  I must still be a little technologically disadvantaged, because every time I try to post pics with captions on this site or the NOT upgraded account I have won’t let me move them around where I want them like Blogspot use to 😛  Stuff happens. It is so frustrating I am seriously considering going back!

Any who, it is now the proud possession of my daughter.


Temporarily close quarters.

IMG_0963[1] IMG_0964[1]IMG_0969[1]

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My Proposed Projects

This is my next project. 

Grandpa Cardigan

Click here for the website and pattern

I think I’ve purchased the right amount of yarn. I usually can’t afford the yarn suggested by the designers, but I do pretty good with my substitutes 😀

If it comes out as good as it looks, almost always, operator errors are to blame when they don’t, I will be making a FEW of these since all of the grand children up till now are male.  I’m praying for PINK yarn for the one still in the “oven”,  due in November from Jacques and Holli.

My next proposed project will be,

A little something for me, hopefully before its too cool.  I would like to wear it in North Carolina maybe for Christmas…. wishful thinking, IA, A girl can hope 😉 Again, I couldn’t afford the intended yarn so I started by buying one of these                    

     Fishermen's Wool<SUP>®</SUP>         Cobblestone   

(click pictures for sites)

 because I know I can get more easily and it’ll match. I know because I did it for Jacques when I made the Jared  Flood – Cobblestone sweater for him one year (right).

Don’t get me started on that young man, what a gifted person, amazing! Click here to go to his Awesome site. He’s even gotten his own line of yarns. I’d kill to be able to afford LOTS of that stuff!! lol. It’s not over priced, don’t misunderstand, I’m just not in that income bracket. They are SOOOO worth it though 😛

Alrighty then, now that I’ve come back from wool heaven, the next project I hope to do or maybe sooner is this shawl by another talented young man that I think may have a pattern in one of Jared’s new pattern books.

Boneyard Shawl By Stephen West

Of course, there are the projects that I haven’t quite finished.  The hat that is almost finished shouldn’t be much longer.

I’m sure I’ll be working on the red,black,and gray Entrelac until I am overwhelmed with the need to finish it so I can give it to her before Christmas. Lol, I hate it when I can’t stay interested even thought I love that project, who knows. 

I know, right? Nothing for a couple months then and explosion of words.  The truth is that this is the first opportunity I’ve had that I could sit in front of my computer and not do something that NEEDED doing and didn’t NEED to sleep, lol.

If anyone cares, I’ll try not to be so lame in the future.


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Life @ The Speed of Light


Lets see, I’ve completed a couple of projects in the “spare” minuets I get “in between” whatever else I’m doing at any given moment.  I try to knit, occasionally crochet, when ever I am not in motion.

Since I quit smoking three years ago I am actually “still” only periodically.  In retrospect, I think the more accurate statement would be that when I am sitting down and not eating or on the computer I’m usually knitting.  When I was a smoker I actually had to stop knitting/crocheting to smoke because I REFUSED to let the dang thing hang out of my face.  I would often find my dictation allowing it to happen and then I’d make myself stop.

A young man, my first love actually, once told me when I was about 18, that it looked trashy to have it, hanging out of my mouth, lol.  A lot of commas in that sentence, but I think in broken lines of thought, hence the commas 😛

So here are some of the projects I’ve been working on

What a pain in the butt!!! This is not as user friendly as Blogger! I’m seriously considering going back, damn it!

Anyway, as you can see I’ve been doing quite a few.

Far right – every last yard by Indigirl.  It wasn’t supposed to be a peplum, but I took the lace fern stich out six times and it came out that way no matter how I changed it so it’s a good thing I like peplums, lol. Pattern link

Second right – A hat and scarf for one of my customers just because she’s a sweetie.

Second from left – I’m ashamed to say I’ve probably been working on this, on and off for a good six months, but in my defense it most certainly isn’t portable, and I also moved, lol. It’s a request for the Mommy of my Son’s two boys, not to be confused with his new wife 😉

Left – I made the hat and wristers in June while I was doing the temp position at Zurich and started the Entrelac cowl (my design) then the yearly rush of Ramadan came.  I’m still carrying it around, but I alternate between it and the hat and scarf for the sweetie.

Enough for today, I’m lounging before the weekend is over and I’m back to my responsibilities.

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