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SNAFU – Situation Normal, All Fouled Up


The Dang Blasted ūüėõ

Wouldn’t ya know it, I declare!

Oh well, stuff happens. Then you get up and do it again.

I was paid as expected, got the parts to replace the compressor pulley and the dang blasted thing is giving us the devil’s own time coming out. ¬†Should have been R squared today. ¬†I’ve got a bad feeling about these two mount bolts. ¬†Tomorrow the son-in-law goes back to the parts store, after work, ¬†and hopefully¬†gets another tool to help us get them out. Can’t use a tap set in there where the dang thing is, it’s too close. We’ve been spraying the seeping lubricant. ¬†The car was made in 1996, so they’ve probably been in there ever since.

It’s like when you fly a jet, the G’s you pull really set some of those B nuts in there, takes an act of God to loosen them sometimes. Same thing, over time vibration, push and pull…

Technically I have another job, gotta wait for the background to come back, no worries there.  Some time next week, so I really need the dang part outta there!

Sleep now…

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